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Pamela Rote
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oh what a sweet web cam snap--NOTHING beats blogging at 2:30 =)
Thats just NUTS--But you as Tootsie--PAY TO SEE THAT LOL
Date night is A MUST!!!!! also love"Remove the toxic people from your circle!" wonderful point to work on!!!
Sign me up for one STAT!!!!! So funny! Poping by with vB =)
Oh what a superpost!!!! ;D Gave me a great laugh... guys with PMS...don't most men would want to admit it...but there IS something to that mood cycle --- My hubby would always just blam the poor "game" from the night before. ;}
Yes you can complain---just not more then us woman LOL
Intresting post!!!
following from Follow Us Monday.....TY for stopping in at my blog =)
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Jun 27, 2011