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Is it because you do posts for Nick Mom that you avoid Disney Cartoons? Because I must be honest, Disney is awesome. I love Mickey mouse Clubhouse, and I must say that my son has learned A LOT from that show. He is totally obsessed with all things Mickey, and the commercials for Disney Jr. are much more kid appropriate (and less lets-get-these-kids-to-beg-mom-and-dad-for-our-crappy-toys) We are also big fans of Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Sophia the First. Cute shows.
My son is the same age as Mazzy, and he says some of the best things right now. 1. We sing a bedtime song with his everynight as we put him to bed. THe other night I took a song meant for moms and dads and changed it to suit him. I sang "Matthew so silly and cute and true, I love you, I love you! Matthew so silly and cute and true, I love you..." and as I was walking out of the room, he sang, "Momma so (mumble, mumble, mumble) PINK and true, I yuv You! I yuv Momma!" 2. He is an especially sad kiddo in the mornings when he first wakes up. Which is totally opposite his older sisters. When his 5 year old sister came into his room while he was crying first thing the other morning, she said to me, "Morning Mom! Why is Matthew crying?" Before I could say anything Matthew stopped crying and said, "Lacey! Enough! Leave my momma alone!" 3. And though I can't do this one justice I will just put out there that my son calls me Ma. When he runs at me with one of his ultra super special high speed hugs, I always grunt from the shock of being hit by his weight, and he always looks up and says, "You alright Ma? Are you hurt Ma?" I also get a lot of "Hi Ma!" "Thanks, Ma!" and "Yuv you Ma!" I LOVE being a called Ma.
Thanks! :) I do love the post, even if I did have to have an uncomfortable discussion with my daughter...
Wow... I really think this post could have used a censorship warning! I mean, I knew it was coming... And this post is sooo one of my favorites, but what I didn't know was that WHILE I was reading it, my 8 year old was directly behind me, reading it too... as I got to the last 4 pictures, she started reading them out loud... She of course, has no idea that F*** is a bad word, so when she starts reading them, I turned, HORRIFIED and explained that we don't use that word, and that it's NOT a good word. Her response? "But you were laughing at it... how could it be bad?" Crap... Lucy! You've got some 'splainin' to do... :)
Oh how much fun we have with mispronunciation! My two year old calls his sisters by the wrong names, and one of them stuck. Lilia is "E-yuh" and Lacey is "Sessy" (and that one stuck. All of us call her Sessy now). But he too is a huge fan of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. For the longest time it was Mick Mouse but he eventually got it right. Some of his other words are: Goofy = Doofy Pluto = Dudo Chocolate = Chocwit Climb = Cwime Get down please = Up peese But what I love the most is his sentences... he still struggles with the filler words and insists on the use of certain big kid words. My favorite sentence? "Mom, uh tink, uh uh poops, uh uh panties." Which if translated correctly would be: "Mom, I stink. I have poop in my diaper." Which he tells me every time and follows up with "ummon" ("Come on!")and walks to his room to lay down and be changed...
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Okay, Little man Colton is so cute! How could a girl not wanna kiss that face! And the foot fettish photo is probably the funniest thing I have ever seen. SO cute!
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Okay- so you HAVE to swear to read these two. I love them and even when my kids get tired of them I am good to read them more. The first, "'Stand Back,' Said the Elephant, 'I am going to Sneeze!'" LOVE LOVE LOVE! Second, The Hiccupotumus. Both are rhyming books, and both are so much fun to read. The first may be just a touch too long for Mazzy, but I wouldn't know. The second is short, sweet and super cute. I do love them. In fact, I may have to go find and read them right now.
I wish I had known... I have a funny story for sure.. Shortened version, the day of my wedding, the florist failed to tell us that because of the holidays he was closing up shop early so my husband to be had to run around for two hours looking for an open florist to throw a bouquet together. THEN when we had our Reception a few days later in a different state, my husband went to pick up the bouquet for THAT reception and this florist had given my bouquet to another bride... They threw anoher bouquet together last minute for me. Both locations, both last minute bouquets. And we still had to pay for the first one. ::sigh:: But at least Empire Strikes Back played no part in my wedding!
I hate Valentine's Day because it is too close to my birthday and my wonderful husband feels justified in combining the two days into one gift.
My 8 year-old's resolution... I will stop pretending to be sick when I have to wake up early for school. It's my own fault that I had to be moved to the early school start time. My 4 year-old's resolution... I will stop needing diapers at night. I am a big girl and am perfectly capable of making to the bathroom, especially now that the basement bathroom is finished. My 2 year old's resolution... I will stop growing up so fast since I know I am my mommy's last baby and she is struggling with her loss of babyhood.
And of course, I am a subscriber of your Youtube show..
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And I signed up for the H&M newsletter... (Do I need to prove it in any way?)
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I also tweeted...
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Flannel shirts... Ick (I follow on FB)
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