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Pam Lindquist
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Now...I am the one writing through tears. I know how sincere your every word was in this "last Artisan Blog Hop". I know because you have expressed these feelings to me... Be proud of your accomplishments and continue to treasure the friendships you've made. The comments above (from the team) say so much, as do those of your husband who has been there with you. I AM SOOOO VERY PROUD OF YOU, LOVE, MOM
I love everything! Thinking back, without looking, the handle on your "basket" stood out. Clever the way you sandwiched the trim.... Cute centerpiece, egg holders, and what a fun way to "make grass". Wish you lived closer so I could have fancy decorations like these.... <3 Mom
I love the ticket book. Your example (customer service) was perfect. Of course, the colors work great together. Glad to see you "back to work". <3 Mom
Best wishes with your new doctor. Everyone deserves to feel as good as they possibly can. I am not sure what "printables" are, but I could google the word. I like the two pages above, especially the one for Valentine's Day. The words of Rhett Butler, from Gone With The Wind, still have impact. Great job on your blog. Keep it up!
Toggle Commented Jan 26, 2012 on A non Blog-Hop Post? WOW! at Stamp Time Somewhere
Daughter, I totally agree. The cutest creation you made for Tanner's 1st birthday was "Tanner Man" wearing his mom-made hat and T. :) Mom
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Mar 28, 2011