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Pam Nelson
I am a veteran journalist with a special interest in copy editing and language issues.
Interests: copy editing, newspapers and other news media, grammar and usage, Asperger's Syndrome and North Carolina pottery.
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Mar 15, 2010
Thank you, Susan. Jake still feels the loss of Grandmom. He misses the family gathering at the beach in the summer and at Bette and George's house at Christmas. The service in July was moving. The minister who conducted the service was able to speak of Bette in a way that reminded us all who she was and what she meant to her family.
I went to Weta's memorial service Saturday at the church she and her family attended in Cary. It was a nice service. The church was full, too, with church friends, work friends and relatives. The music was wonderful, and I think Weta would have loved that most of all. One song, a sort of gospel chant by the whole congregation led by a friend of Weta's, was particularly moving. Weta's mother, Hazel Spiller, sang too. By the time Weta's youngest daughter, Madison, came to the lectern to read a Scripture passage and a poem, no one had a dry eye. Michael, Weta's husband, helped Madison walk up and read the passage when Madison choked up. It was incredibly sad, but as the preacher reminded us over and over, Weta believed she would go to a better place and she was strong in her faith. I think that has to be a great comfort to her family and friends.
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