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I am so fantastically delighted that things have turned out so well. I also adore Tim, Brian and Megan, and along with Marta Costa who has been working with me for a couple of years, I have been able to do so many cool things with a team that "gets" me and my work. I have been feeling a similiar longing to be home more with my wee ones Josh and Angela. Long live the Internet, and our ability to connect, teach and share while hugging those we love in person. I can't wait to see what 2012 will bring you! Love you lots. -P
Garr: Congratulations on the new book! I am exceptionally honored to be part of it. You are one of my heroes, and I feel so proud to support your work. Here is to more naked presentations! All the best, -Pam
Thanks so much for the kind mention Carol! The end of the year roundup is one of my FAVORITE things all year. I am stunned when I look at all the things that people have launched, and in the beautiful creative diversity that is my market. Here is to a joyful, prosperous and fun 2011! -Pam
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Dec 5, 2010