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David raises some very interesting points and proposals here, all of which we are eager to discuss and explore further. Diversity of opinion and perspectives in this serious debate is critical. As the world's largest college of contemporary music, we believe it's important for our graduates to enter into a viable music industry ecosystem. This is the principle on which Rethink Music was formed in 2009 and the Berklee Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship, which now houses Rethink, was launched in 2014. For Fair Music, we spoke to many people and organizations and gathered data from many different and diverse institutions and individuals. We understand and accept that some may disagree with aspects of our report and we welcome any information that may contrast and supplement our findings. The report's intention is not to point fingers at any particular entities but to bring to fore issues (and propose actions) we believe are critical for the long term viability of our industry. Our findings were not in any way influenced by any underwriter or donor to Rethink Music, BerkleeICE or the college. We invite all music industry stakeholders, including record labels, performing rights societies, technology firms, streaming services, and organizations like the RIAA, and IFPI, to engage with us as we move into Phase Two of the Fair Music project and work together to architect a robust, equitable, and profitable music industry for the 21st century. A healthy industry requires debate, dialogue and ultimately the collaboration and bias towards action of all stakeholders. Panos Panay, Founding Managing Director BerkleeICE
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Jul 28, 2015