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Avatar is such a remarkable attainment and it is so pleasing to see a well made movie. Underlying socio-political themes, such as corporatism and the disregard of both native culture and the environment, are important enough issues, particularly in view of the kind of monstrous indifference now happening in the Gulf of Mexico, and the almost lackadaisical manner in which BP approached the problem initially, as though it were no big deal at all. It is my hope that the forthcoming novelization of this great film will include, and even expand upon these themes as they are an integral part of the plot as well as part of the underlying structure at the core of the film itself. True, this is not a philosophical documentary and the outstanding characterizations, of aliens no less, and the story, is in and of itself a brilliant accomplishment. But the very high integration of all aspects of the film - sound, graphics, plot, characters, socio=political aspects is exactly what contributes to its greatness in my opinion.
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May 11, 2010
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May 11, 2010