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Papa Ray
In the middle of nowhere
I'm an ol' man, ex grunt, proud Papa to three Grandsons and the two best little GrandDaughers in the world.
Interests: Spanning the world via the Web. Reading almost anything I get my hands on. Shooting, weapons of all kinds and calibers. There are only a few things I watch on tv. The History Channel, The Sci Fi Channel and the Discovery Channel are really all I watch. My GrandDaugher, Sweet Sarah, is my main interest and for the forseeable future will be my main occupation. I just hope I live long enough to help her get a great start at life. [UPDATE] I have another grandaughter. Sweet Hannah Mae. She is 23 months old now (06-09) and giving Sweet Sarah a run for being the center of the universe. I am blessed and appricate that fact. I also have two of my grandsons in the service of our Republic. One in the Navy and one in the Air Force. My remaining grandson wants to be a United States Marine. If I live long enough I just might see my two grandaughters take up the fight against those that would harm our Republic. I just hope it won't be against "enemy within", but if it is, I pray that this Republic prevails and is restored to what our Republic's founders intended.
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"It's to America's shame forever the lack of treatment AND benefits that American Soldiers and Marines Received."
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Politics NOT aside, it is about time that we start using propaganda of any kind to combat the progressives, the socialists, the commies and the democrat machine that has been running roughshod over us for the last fifty years. While we were working and making a living and raising our children, they have been brainwashing our kids in their liberal schools and universities. While we were serving in our Nation's military, they were slowly taking our rights away. While we were trying to improve not only our families welfare, the left, the liberals have been using welfare to control and gain favor from our poor and our minorities. I and many more of us think that it is time to fight back. This film is one way. Our votes are one other. But if both fail, know that we must do what no one wants to have to do. But we will if there is no other way. Papa Ray West Texas “The Second Amendment is a doomsday provision, one designed for those exceptionally rare circumstances where all other rights have failed - where the government refuses to stand for reelection and silences those who protest; where courts have lost the courage to oppose, or can find no one to enforce their decrees. However improbable these contingencies may seem today, facing them unprepared is a mistake a free people get to make only once.” 2009 Judge Alex Kozinski
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Yep, you can lay a lot of shite at Obama's golf cart's wheels or lean it against the basket ball post. But let's not forget that he has lots of support in and out of Congress. The world Socialist Party being one and most likely led by Soros. And what about his daily visitation from the Head Union Thug? He has more hands on him than a whore at the first bar from the pier when the fleet comes ashore. The terrible rape of America started over fifty years ago. Obama is just the first President that didn't try to hide it and is determined to destroy the United States as we have known it, and sadly he is doing so at a rate that is unbelievable and terrible. Even if we re-double our efforts - it will take at least three generations to recover what has been lost in the last fifty years. Meanwhile the poor will get poorer and the rich will get richer and Americans will slowly go back to sleep politically, just like they have been for the last sixty years. Unless the Sheep Dogs keep them awake and protected from the enemies from within and without!
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This is great. Great for the Republicans that is. This is the dumbest thing that the Obama Administration could have done. This will assure that democrats lose big come November and Obama is either impeached or loses big if he is stupid enough to run for re-election.
Hell, this is tame compared to what I have seen and heard from other people going through a divorce or separation. But from what I can read and gather from the internet and other sources his wife has been acting out the part of can I say it nicely...? oversexed female who is married but tries to have sex with other men than her husband, and doesn't try and keep it a secret, but flaunts it. And tries to act and dress the part at all times. Not something that most married mothers of young children do. Anyway, it is their business. If she wants to record his anger, shame for her and his disappointment, well that is on her. Mel should be ashamed of himself for letting her manipulate him. But a man who has been chuck-holed and seen his love dishonored will do stupid things. Wait until it happens to you and then start casting your own stones. Papa Ray
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Good story and conclusions. Down here in Texas I and millions of others have been banking on character, honor and trust since Mexico invited us Yankees down here to what was then northern Mexico. I have a ton of personal stories about trust most with a good ending, some not so good. But you have to offer trust in order to get it, at least here, and if you fail like you said but gave it your all sometimes even that will build trust. Life. Sometimes great sometimes not so great. But each of us makes a difference. It's up to us if it is a good difference or not. Papa Ray
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Nah...definitely Axelrod, Obama's head handler.
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America is in trouble but here is something that will raise your spirit and give the democrats nightmares. Watch THIS! Papa Ray
Lest we forget among our trials and tribulations there are our Warriors who are in the fight of their lives and some have gone on before us… Into Thine Hand A safe and happy New Year for all, especially the Children. Papa Ray
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Pamela it is I that is thankful for you and your great efforts against these dark times and the evil within. From West Texas with admiration and praying that you have a great Christmas season and a wonderful New Year. Papa Ray
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If this picture (and previous speech and actions) don't make you ashamed of of this American President and how he has shamed and denigrated the Office of the President of the United States... Well, then you are totally under the control of Obama and his backers. So you are way past shame into submission. Papa Ray
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It is a good thing they were caught before some real aQ got ahold of them. They would have been trained, funded and sent back to the U.S. to join the rest of the aQ sleepers already here. There are many that are not caught. Don't forget that. Papa Ray
"Democrats can't let their ACORN storm troopers go unfunded no matter how awful it makes them look, because their votes on Porkulus, Cap & Tax, and healthcare nationalization will make them reliant on the industrial scale voter fraud that is ACORN's specialty if they are to stand any chance of reelection." Your 100 percent correct and Obama had those cookies made so he could shove it the face of everyone at the party..particularly the Republicans. Yea, eat this you Repubthug and STFU....! Papa Ray
"heck, I'll lipsmack it! Posted by: Pamela Geller | Wednesday, December 02, 2009 at 07:35 PM" I am old and wrinkled but I'm no fool, I want my lipsmack on my cheek and her signature on the inside cover saying: To an ol' guy who knows the value of a kiss" Just let me know when you will be in Texas. My ol' car still runs pretty good, and gas prices are still affordable. Papa Ray West Texas
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"The troubled reality, of course, is the enemy can see the same calendar light and knows it must only wear down and out-wait the notoriously impatient Americans, as the Vietcong did in Vietnam, where American support for its domestic ally withered. And so did the local government's ability to withstand guerrilla war." Yes, the Taliban and aQ see not only the calendar and yes they have more patience than the American people (or the world) and yes they can afford to wait us out because they have funding from all over the Islamic world. But your wrong...wrong on the Vietnam part. South Vietnam had no problem after Tet with the "guerrilla war" [the Viet Cong] as they had been almost wiped out, even if nobody in the western world understood that or acknowledged it. The little problem that they had was that they were lied to by our Presidents and by our politicians. We told them that the war was theirs and pulled most of our troops out. But we also told them that if the North was to initiate an invasion of the South, we would come to their aid. Well...the North did just that and we didn't come to their aid and the North was victorious over not only the South but the United States of Ameria. And millions were imprisoned, thousands murdered, thousands raped and their homes and property stolen and millions fled to all corners of the earth. Obama will not use these words today: Win, Victory, Freedom, liberty. Socialist/Communists just don't have those words in their vocabulary. And as a result, our enemies will be overjoyed and confident that they will win. Papa Ray
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"There are a few legal ways to skirt taxes, but I believe every American should stop filing taxes if they think they owe any money." I will re-write this for you: There are few legal ways to skirt taxes, usually it is just putting them off for a year, but I believe every American should think about stopping filing taxes if they can figure out a way to fool the IRS. But should be prepared to pay pentalities, interest and possibly go to jail. your statement is much, much closer to the truth of the matter. Papa Ray
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"The NY 23 situation was partly unique to NY rules,..." Yep, the NY rules are even better than the "Chicago Way" or at least not as obtuse. Of course the announcment of "voter machine breakdowns" was and is something that you could bet your paycheck on, it is a reliable method of voter fraud. I won't even go into absentee vote counting as that was plan C and the democrats didn't need it. Of course, the main reason that the repubidiots didn't win is that they backed a proven RINO. The repubidiots are never going to be the party in power as long as they ignore their conservatives and insist on trying to straddle the fence and include right leaning Liberals. They will also lose the Independents that are just now waking up to the fact that the democrats are subverting our Republic and destroying our liberties. Papa Ray Central Texas
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Here are five short videos about Tribes. And a must read by an Army Special Forces Officer, Major Jim Gant: Papa Ray
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Sorry, I also wanted to say that NJSoldier and DLV make good points. The border between Pakistan and Afghanistan means nothing to the inhabitants of this region of the world. Except that it pisses off most of the tribes. With a country that hasn't had a census in eons,the guess work says it's population is 39.4% Pashtun, 33.7% Tajik, Farsiwan, and Qezelbash, 8.0% Hazara, 8.0% Uzbek and a few others. It is a country with almost a dozen languages and I'm sure many other differences between the tribes. Without a doubt, "success" is tied to our neck with the full weight of Pakistan which is not as backward a country, but would give anyone a run for the money in corruption, greed and tribal diversity. It's a whole different world over there. Trying to adapt our western thinking and values to all of these tribes will not work, unless we learn much about and from them. Papa Ray West Texas
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Dear Mr. Wisniewski Do not despair, I know it is hard not to and I can imagine that it is hard to not be overcome with anger. Just be aware and pass it on to all of your citizens that America is NOT Obama or his ilk and never will be. In fact the tide is turning against him each and every day. Americans are beginning to understand that he should never have held any American government office, let alone the office of the President. We will rid ourselves of him and his backers. Rest assured of that. Papa Ray West Texas The Second Amendment is a doomsday provision, one designed for those exceptionally rare circumstances where all other rights have failed - where the government refuses to stand for reelection and silences those who protest; where courts have lost the courage to oppose, or can find no one to enforce their decrees. However improbable these contingencies may seem today, facing them unprepared is a mistake a free people get to make only once. 2009 Judge Alex Kozinski
These examples you posted are only "dumb" to liberals (or as we like to call them in Texas- "Idiots") or those even further to the left, such as ObamaCommies, or ObamaMarxists. But don't worry your pointy progressive head about it, cause you know in your heart that your right and that we are wrong.... Right?... Right? Papa Ray
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"Detectives and Australian Customs officials searched the man's house yesterday before he was charged with stealing and possessing cannabis." Looks like he got away with the beer. Out tomorrow with a slap on the wrist and years to drink all that beer. I'm looking for an invite! How much is a ticket to Australia? Papa Ray West Texas
"What pathetic folly .............. " You are most likely correct. But neither of the Clintons have the personal responsibility to acknowledge this. They both believe that the Hildabeast can use her present position to further her quest to be the President of these United States. Yea, I know it is all illusions and desire. But...come campaign time, do you not believe now, that Hillary will not be running against the ONE again? If you do not, you do not know the Clintons. Papa Ray Central Texas
After reading these articles and stories, and some of the comments there, it is apparent that many others are concerned as well. There have been things said about how all this could happen and why. About what he/she should have done or what we can do in the future when confronted with similar circumstances. But I'm afraid that most people when confronted will be caught unawares and unprepared. When Obama was elected many of us knew what the future would bring. We had done our home work on Obama and his friends and what history we could determine about him and the environment he was raised in. We knew that he was first, a crooked politician, second, a closet communist and third, a hater of whites. A true Chicago Thug. I've lived my life under many rules, the main one was to treat others as I would like to be treated. Another is that prior planning prevents piss poor performance. Now everyone should understand that the democrats don't believe in treating others well, except for a select few, but they do believe in planning. They have been planning this, including selecting Obama for many years. All well hidden, financed and carried out. And the execution of their plan has just begun. This Republic was not only hoodwinked, but is now being raped and the American people are the only ones that can stop it. The first step in doing this is unfolding now. Getting the average American's attention. This step will most likely take several more months. It will depend on how arrogant and how unthinking the democrats and Obama's handlers become. They have made some serious errors but will need to make many more before millions of Americans will come to the same conclusions that many of us already have. The next step hopefully will be that our votes can correct the situation. But be warned, we have already seen how the democrats and their groups like Acorn and others can manipulate elections. It will be even worse in the coming elections because they have strengthened their positions and power. If we fail to expunge them because of tainted elections and thuggery the next step will be horrible. But it is what the 2nd amendment was put in place for. It is the fail-safe amendment. When all else fails our founders knew that an armed populace would be our last resort to restore freedom and preserve our Republic. Everyone needs to consider this and to make up their own minds about how they feel about this Republic and for which it stands. Papa Ray West Texas
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