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Rexon I do not preach any idea of Cam no go or what you call it. I have never said I hate the people of the NW, but what I say is that the SW man will find it very difficult living in a minority in another formation. And this is very logical, because I said this you call me anti Graffi, here is where the point of mentality of many people who seem to have become share holders on this site lies. Please we want a change not a change that will make some people to seek further ways of leaving the Union
Tayong and Rexon Rexon, like you said you have the right to your ideas same as I do. Fair. The crimes of the present government do not span only in the NW or the SW. They are all over the nation. The people of the East are crying every day, even the people of the Center are lamenting. Public funds are diverted not only by the Francophones but also by the anglophones. The most important point is that Cameroon will never go back to any system of formation in the past. That stage has passed and like time, you cannot rewind it. The old days are gone with their mistakes, today Cameroonians are very educated and know what is good for them and what is not good. A new setting may attract interest from the general public like 10 state federation. Not taking people into the pass, there I say the SCNC has no reality and no matter the mistakes of the pass, time has evolved, and we have new challenges ahead. There is nothing like Anti graffi, you are instead propagating this concept. The people of the NW have the same right to live as do those of the SW but not in any political Union, if that is the case the SW person will be a minority , which is not what I dream about Tayong I respect your indepth of the History of Cameroon. Good for you, you have taken more time to read it. All you have written is time in the pass, and we are very very far away from that, what I want you to realise is that we cannot go back to the pass. If the SCNC was claiming the rigts if existence for a minority such as a small group of individuals with same cultural ID then they might have a point, but not claiming the rights of two groups of culturally different people. no its not possible. Time has changed we also need to change not going back to the pass.
MaMary if you say SCNC was mandated by AAC, where is the AAC. Some of you come here to claiming to have read, I realy wonder. Surely you are over-read that you have become confused. Cameroon needs no SCNC. That has been made very clear by the masses on the streets and especially the SW person. So why try to force a people into a being a minority in another formation.??????????????
Kumbaboy I am very surprised to your claims of a German map of Cameroon. Before even the coming of the Germans there was a country called Cameroon, no matter how you spell it and that is the Cameroon that I am talking about at the moment. Stop beating left and right trying to claim basic knowlegde
Rexon No body has ever said that Cameroon is a good place it is very clear that the system has failed in most of its sectors and I know the pain that Cameroonians are passing through. But when some body tries to put forward another idea other than that or the SCNC some people just step up and Call them CPDM or members of the regime, we do not operate on guess work here. Listen to the ideas of others. popular Revulotions seems to work these days and it can also be an option. How does this work? people coordinate and call for a general up rising, this can send the government in Yaounde parking. This is just an idea it can be accepted or rejected. But I see the idea of the SCNC and having to real agender and many people do not understand what it stands for. And based on the dividing factors that we all know exist it will be very difficult for the SCNC to work
Kumba boy , sure you have a point, but before the UN did what ever Cameroon was one even before 1917. So what is all this noise. Also times have changed and people now reason differently. news ideas and concepts came up and now every body tries to fit into one idea or the other. The SCNC being one of these ideas or concepts should not be a must, people must ask themselves if they do really want to be part? Like I know some people from the SW will claim to buy the idea of the SCNC but the majority say no. Will you force these people in being a minority in another state? The funniest thing common with some of you is that, once somebody does not buy the idea of the SCNC, that person is a memeber of la Republique, why? it shows the there is no objectivity in your ranks and you might even be worse that PaulBiya
DaDiceman I do not think you have the right to tell me if i should be an SCNC. The SCNC is an illution, and you are the one dream in hopes for a Euthopian state. I am not writing because I want to stay here for ever like some of you. I write because I feel I have the rights to my ideas and you have the right for your ideas. The difference will lie on the objectiveness of what we say. Once again the SCNC is an illution, better a popular revolution than dreaming in the SCNC. This site is not created for the SCNC atleast I have not seen that. And its not every body who must be an SCNC, try to check statistics. YOu can be one might be because of perosnal gains but Cameroon will be changed by people of good faith who can see the wrong and the right not by individuals who are so one sided like you and the rest .
Tayong I might be dreaming and I might not, but what I want to ask you are we here to separate Cameroon? How will the SCNC provide the solution. There is pain and misery in Cameroon but is it the SCNC that will deliver, and for every Cameroonian or just for the SW and NW. Cameroon is one and that was how it has been even before the coming of the colonial masters.I support any struggle, be it by force or by peace for the whole country not for a few individuals who think they can make one group pf people a minority that will result to more problems in the future, why not advocate for a Federated state where people have the rights to vote their administrators??????????Many people will leave this Forum because of individuals who think the ideas of others do not hold. When you are left here you and Rexon how will that help you, The government is not only killing students , hunger is also killing Cameroons much more than the bullets
Mr Rexon From your comments it is clear that any body who becomes objective or does not support your idea is belonging to the Government. Well it may be and it may not, but if the Government even manages to pay some people then we can say that they also have their good side. I have seen that you have no tolerance as you cannot cope with people with differing ideas, is that what it should be? Your ideas of the SCNC are out of topic and might be they are taylored for personal gains as it has been shown by others. Let this place be a place where people will make their ideas and feelings heard, not that you want to make it a place where you will be counting how many people have left. By the way don't you know people have other personal things to think about , I might write becuase I feel I like to do so not because I want to remain here so that people see me that I am this or that. People who really matter will be heard only few times not every time that you are classified as a noise maker.
Tayong and Co When you people write comments here you go left and right and talk about SCNC and this or that. If students are shut then we talk about that and condemn it. Not that when there is some topic SCNC and La Republique occupy lines upon lines of write ups. The SCNC has no base and cannot be used to slove any problem in Cameroon instead it is aimed at taking another group of people as a minority , which will never work. Students are killed but the system will continue, that is the very essence on which we classify the government as a bad one. So what do you expect from a Bad System. Is the SCNC the solution????????. Is it there that the selfish attitude of Cameroonians will not be exhibited?. We need a better system in Cameroon and like I said the idea of what so ever is just an illution that can be persued but never attained. We need peace, good drinking water,food, good health facilities and the chance of getting a job or self-employed. So I think it is time people face the reality and stop talking about things that exist in the air with no real foundation.
Much more noise in the air. I have been reading the Postonline for long and some times I find few individuals who really have a point to share. On the other hand I have also come to realize that the greater number of people who write here do so because they want to be known or gain some other interest. They have called themselves Freedom fighters and SCNC activist etc. They sit in front of their computers and advocate for a change. What change? Much more noise in the air As they want to divide Cameroon so too will another person divide the so called Southern Cameroons. Because the idea of SCs (Southern Cameroon) has very big bottle necks that will never make it come into realization. The South Westerner has never been a strong advocate of the SCs, and the few who did, show interest did so because of selfish interest. The SW man has openly opted for a ONE CAMEROON with FEDERATED states. So I truly think that who so ever is propagating the idea of a divided Cameroon should take a good analysis of the situation before speaking. I have read from one person that the SCNC is dead in Cameroon, I do not know how far it is true, but its an indication that people do not spend time thinking about that’ and that’s how it is. At times I do wonder if these people who call themselves freedom fighters are not of the same anatomy as the many people who have benefited from the name of SCNC and today do not speak about the SCNC. I also wonder how a small number of people will sit in front of the computer and call themselves liberators. I know who the leaders of the SCNC are and I know that they are always elected not self proclaimed. Cameroon is one and what Cameroonians need is a good system to take care of the entire nation. Because the idea of a divided Cameroon is an illusion that will never be fulfilled. If you ask an average SW he will say no to the fact of being a minority in an other nation and then this will be the same dividing factor that the SCNC is hoping to use.
BIG MOP for Nothing. Yes, people will speak and claim to be prohets. Big Mop for nothing, What will you say here that has not been heard? There are certain words and phrases that will come up here all the time. But is life just telling people how some other person is bad? We should be constructive not destructive as many people on this site seem to be, we need a constructive argument to educate others not only on the political front but on other fronts. I am sure we do not sit infromt of the computers waiting for bad news to come in, so that we can start writing.
Individuals will come and go but the state will continue. Two students dead and who will pay? People should stop telling students not to listen to the authorities of the state, because that is a very essence for being a student. Cameroon is a bad system and if any body does not want to realise that then there is a problem. At the end of the day, what many people do here is to encourage the students to continue stricking while they are living well in the rooms over there in Europe and America. When the students are shot , they start blaming the government. Every body knows a lion is wild, so stay out of its reach. All this said I do not want to be a coward and I think peacefull demonstration will call the attention of every body, not by destroying the property of the state. Because at the end of time we all shall pass away but the state will remain and those coming from behind will be able to see our struggles.