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I was married to a woman who made and still makes a few million per month. I wasn't happy in that relationship and I did the ''honerable'' thing and through a long series of meansprited manipulations I now have hardly any visual contact with our daughter. I am reduced to a ''phone-dad'' I am writing a book about it and it is not pretty. By nature of their prolific breeding muslims in Europe and the US will soon indeed have Shira Law Courts and that will end it right there for all woman. Once and for all. Not a good forecast but one that will certainly put men back in total control.... If white woman stop breeding the muslims will and that is the end of what we now know to be ''democratic society'' And as far as these ''feminists''...I yet have to see one that is actually very attractive....that is why they turn to male-hate policies because no male will want to spend money on them...after all ''we'' men view beautiful woman to be better in giving us healtier babies (true to some extent) and will go for the best ''deal'' we can litteraly lay their hands on. I am now married to a fitness model who is also a RN and gave me the most beautiful son I can ever ask for. I was a model actor and I saw what kids my co models were popping...indeed, very beautiful kids. That is the ONLY thing Hitler was right about: healthy and beautiful people will make better babies. And as long as the upbringing is good our society will in fact become more attractive (look at Sweden-Holland-or Check republic). All I am saying is that fat-red-necks (the average American) shouldn't have kids (as if they would ever listen lol), what I mean is that if they stop eating the garbage and pick better looking, smarter breeding partners the kids would be better looking, healthier and treated far better. I my self know how it is to be considerd ''very handsome'' and I tell you how much better I get treated by woman and man alike than my ''regular joe'' friends. It is unfair but it all comes down to the LAW OF NATURE. My wife trains woman to change their diet and mental state and has them lose enormous amounts of fat longterm by replacing junk food and MSG laden garbage with organic. Gets them to work out with weights (the ONLY effective way fat will actually stay off) and ALL of these woman LOVE how man respond to them after wards... So, indeed, there is no secret here; The law of nature dictates what goes on on planet earth. Fighting it will only get you elected to the white House (Obama) or join a feminist club and be frustrated that all the pretty girls have all the fun...and try to change it and lose in the end.
Toggle Commented Sep 25, 2010 on The Misandry Bubble at The Futurist
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Sep 25, 2010