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Love this post. I'd like to understand a little bit better what the economics are behind a fully staffed, dedicated newsroom. Are there things you'll forego because the return is not worth the effort, results or expense (overhead, etc.). I'd like to know where the content strategy dictates restraint. Speed is good but wisdom is better.
Hello, I really enjoy this blog! I'm a little late in responding to this one but I do have one small quibble here. Nostalgia works if a population is homogeneous which goes against what's really happening in the US today. As an immigrant, my parents don't have the benefit of remembering the Beatles on Ed Sullivan or any other pop culture icon since then. My parents are assimilated and extremely educated but nevertheless, I have to explain the context or history of something... It's almost like they are not "in on the joke" or similar. My point? I think Nostalgia's 15 minutes are up - nostalgic reference intended. :) Best, Parissa Behnia
Good Morning, I just read your item on the Marketing Executives site and travelled to your blog this morning. Coincidentally, I wrote about this very thing on my own modest blog and posted it late last night. In my next post, I will be referring back to your June '09 posting about the need for marketers to learn sales skills. I think we all own the external customer regardless of Sales or Marketing and our fundamental mission is to address the stated need. This also applies regardless of function at the company: finance, operations, IT, etc. The external customer is always #1. That being said, I think Sales and Marketing have an obligation to build better and more cohesive relationships with one another which requires both teams to articulate to one another what inputs they need to be better partners. The concept of customer in this instance speaks more to the social contract or the "right" thing to do between Sales and Marketing in order to meet and exceed the external customer's expectations. Regards, Parissa Behnia
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Feb 4, 2010