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Alan Parker
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Here we go again. By 2050 who knows what the state of battery or even ICE technology will be? Hydrogen fuel cells have only so far to go given the inherent physics involved. No report should 'project' anything further than 5 years out, it just does not make sense.
"I'm interested to buy" FCEV - but then since they won't be available to buy, and even if they were there won't be anywhere to refuel, all the interest in the world will mean nothing. I also doubt very much that Hyundai will 'release' their FCEV this year, they seem to have a few problems even with their hybrid. Mind you I guess 500 cars is not really a 'release' anyway. I'm not a Hyundai hater BTW - I currently own one and happen to like it!
In 15-25 years I doubt we'll care *that* much about internal combustion engines, though greater efficiency is always nice.
Too busy designing and building Asimo?
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Sep 6, 2011