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Rafael Parrao
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Let me state that this dillema has made me consider ideas that because of my religion I had already stopped searching for... Isn't too hard to find the truth , us working against so much time and the numerous issues we as humankind don't know? God or not god, maybe what should matter most is whether that statement, which L we choose (because up to know that is our only option...what we think about this), determines the world and OUR CHOICES TODAY. What if he was very clever, and tried a bet: "if it works I will rule all my life, if it not i will die (here goes do I care?). If it works they won't try to kill me, or in the worst case they won't kill me at the last minute. Because (motive here, maybe im pissed of my life right now...who knows? ), now I have to figure out how I will do it, I got to play my part..." ...(is it really fascinating how everything went out? Coincidence??) Is that a lunatic thought? Ambition or misunderstood ways don't mean someone to be crazy. Of course you are not a lord, maybe you are a liar but that gives reasons for doing that, so you are a...normal person trying to escape hunger and loneliness?? I think there is some evidence to support this ambition or his need for escaping harsh conditions, in readings from his radical opinnions and limited resources. Can this be considered another horn of the dillema? Are we reading the liar horn with extra chocolate?? So which L is more evidenced and which L is less evidenced? I want to avoid living an entire life worrying for some damm idea someone had for his own good and he couldn't afford me for trying to understand so we have the take it and swallow it, you know. I consider the idea that a lot of problems could be avoided if we just understood that the world, ITS A MESS, but that's the way it is. At least the rules would be on the table. And we could talk about hard facts why the world is a mess (that doesn't mean there are better ways to answer this environment). I don't have the answer, I just want to talk about this topic and maybe we can bring it to practical conclusions. This is a great blog with sound oppinions. I like it very much. I couldn't resist. So, that is my take on the horns and if someone can give me some advice on their take I would greatly appreciate it, here is my mail for not cluttering this topic: Final note, I beleive in Jesus right now, at this moment, personally. I ask for his forgiveness, but I'm sure he would want for me to live in truth, right?
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Feb 5, 2010