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"Surprise is perhaps the most effective tool in communicating, selling and getting into people's souls." //So true #eventprofs have used for years. this level is out of this world perhaps. only at #ted
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Warren Sapp arrested at #SB44 will not be a game day analyst. Smh
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As a recovering early adopter, I would caution planners for jumping on the ipad, at least right now. While I predicted this type of product would be introduced in a post just a few weeks ago for event planners, I must defer to the geeks on this one. No USB, Exclusivity with AT&T, and no Adobe Flash support are three very big issues among the tech crowd, and I would think for event planners as well. I was honestly underwhelmed by the ipad; maybe because I had a first generation tablet (TC1000). I do agree that this product,like the ipad and iphone will get better, and the competition will step up and solve some of the issues I mentioned and then some. If you bought the very first ipod, you'll know what I mean. Take your time and determine all of the things this device should do for you, and do the research. My advice.... wait a little for future versions. @partyaficionado
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Jan 30, 2010