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Of course none of this information is relayed through the Australian media. Our commercial television programmes heavily push vaccines and deny any permanent damage. The only damage that is admitted is considered very "rare." Even our own ABC television network (who is owned by the Australian public) will not report a balanced story about vaccines. A day does not pass without having a vaccine pushed onto you! Elizabeth Gillespie
Given that much of the USA is made up of god-fearing fundamentalist/pentecostal/born-again/Sarh Palin loving Christians I would be interested in the numbers who are aware of 'abortion remnants' in the vaccinations they give their babies. Are they aware? If not why not? I understand they number in the tens of millions. Where are their united voices on this topic?
Toggle Commented Mar 6, 2011 on Deadly Choices - Paul's Porkies at AGE OF AUTISM
We are 'dangerous' because we know too much. I shudder to think how ignorant we would all be without the internet.
I do not ever again want to buy another Microsoft product. I know nothing about Apple Macs and their software. Can I buy an Apple Mac computer which does not use any Bill Gates' software. I would hate to think I am contributing to his evil plans.
Can we all be consistent on this and give the man the respect he deserves: he is Dr Andrew Wakefield, not "Wakefield.' Our enemies dismiss him with the simple use of just his surname.
For an AUstralian perspective of the Skeptic movement entering the debate on behalf of pHARMa try this link: This 'doctor' was highly critical of Dr Wakefield on national television last week after the BMJ nonsense was published. Here in Australia there are absolutely zero expert voices to challenge her. Oprah Winfrey may think Australia is the most wonderful place in the world but not for a parent of an autistic child. I am comforted by the fact that the youtube video has been up for 7 days now and has only 112 views. Fortunately it seems she reached a small audience.
Thought you might all be interested in this. We have a big pHARMA stooge here in Australia criticising Dr Wakefield since the BMJ nonsense was published. Her name is Dr Rachel Dunlop. I have never heard of her before - sounds like an ill informed pharma stooge trying to push her own profile and protect her paymasters. See her recent TV 'performance' at the following youtube link:
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Jan 25, 2011