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The card costs €2, and looks like it lasts forever. That's pretty close to free.
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A couple of places in the US have dealt with this, usually by adding another layer of government. Denver has reasonably effective regional planning, via a regional transit district with its own elected board, plus a inter-governmental body (the Denver Regional Council of Governments, or Dr. COG). It also helps that Denver is the dominant urban center in Colorado, so it's possible to resolve regional issues at the state level. Even things like museums and other cultural institutions, while located in central Denver, are funded via a region-wide sales tax. Contrast that with California, where the two major population centers spend more time fighting over a north vs south split of resources, rather than resolving issues within each region.
Toggle Commented Apr 22, 2011 on the "cities vs suburbs" trope at Human Transit
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The thing that struck me about the dissent is the comparison between an elevator system and a transit system. I think the comparison doesn't hold water, unless you have a transit system where: * The longest possible time in transit is 3 minutes. * Vehicles show up on demand, within 3 minutes. * Each vehicle has its own dedicated right-of-way, not shared with anything else - even other vehicles! * Most trips start or end at one end of the system (ground floor). Even then, you see optimizations in the taller buildings where some vehicles serve the terminus and a few closely spaced stops; or there are express and local vehicles.
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Mar 23, 2010