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Sheffield, UK
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I am always amazed at what bargains there are to be had if you keep your eagle eyes open! Great cake tins. xxx
Ooh, I would have snapped up every single thing here too! Converse for a quid? Bargain of the year! Love the beaded cuff and choker, the rock'n'roll t-shirt, the mad tights, and that wonderful tea pot - you did well! Hope your back feels better soon. xxx
Ooh, you have done really well, lots of lovely things here. That Lerose dress was a bargain, despite exceeding your usual limit. I have a Lerose dress too; yours looks 60s to me, and it's a beauty. The sheet is amazing, I would have snapped that up too, and you are spot on, the green maxi with angel sleeves caught my eye immediately! xxx
The jacket is a beauty, nice choice! I agree that even if you're spending vouchers so it feels like a freebie, you don't want to end up with something that isn't right. That's not sad, it's sensible! xxx
What a gorgeous place! I would thoroughly enjoy a wander around the grounds, with or without ice cream. And you are very pretty in pink! xxxx
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Now that will be a very cheap meal! Good old Co-op. xxx
Nice finds, and rock bottom prices too! I think the pewter-coloured silk top would look great with the white skirt and chain belt, white and metallics are fabulous together. xxx
Deborah! There you are, my love! Oh boys, you know what they're like. I bet he learnt that from his dad. Co-ordinating outfits? You've got too much time on your hands, young lady! xxx
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Thank you for all your kind comments on my blog, I've been trying to return the compliment and only just sorted out how to do so! That bracelet is gorgeous, what a great find for 50p. The mix of sun and rain we've been having has made everywhere look so green, my garden is going crazy! Love Curtise xx
Toggle Commented May 7, 2014 on A golden sunny day! at Diary of a penny pincher
What a very peculiar comment! And what's with 25 as a magic cut-off point for berets?! My 49 year old head loves a beret, as you know! Everyone else has pretty much said it all, as have you, in a spirited defence of personal freedom and a refusal to be defined by a number. Style, panache, elegance, creativity, and bold use of colour - you are the mistress of these, Suzanne. I think you know exactly what works for your shape and your lifestyle and personality, and that's what we should all be striving for. Age is not in that equation at all, as far as I am concerned. There will always be some people (probably more women than men, interestingly) who have pre-conceived and very conservative and limiting views about what other women wear, especially as they get older. They don't seem to be able to cope with vibrant, confident women of 40 and over, who take risks, who are daring, and who look sexy. You have to feel sorry for them, really, for being so timid and narrow-minded. Btw, you are rocking those sequin shorts! Keep doing what you do. I certainly intend to! xxx
Furla for 50p is a great find. And I love all the Crimplene fabric and the barkcloth curtains in your previous post! xxx
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Aug 7, 2013
So Posy's got all your moves then, Debs! Legs in the air at the thought of a Kit Kat... Takes a few gin and tonics to get me that giddy! xxxx
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Yay! Do it do it!!!! I love checking in with you and the gang! (What do you mean, I'm not cool? Of course I'm cool...)
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Daily posts? Three small kids? Sanity? Spot the odd one out this month! But WEEKLY posts, Deb - that's something to consider... Just putting it out there! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx PS. Your Simon as an Elf - hahahaha! Your and mine would make a great double act!
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Ooh, I'm a bit scared, look at those faces! They mean business. God help us when Posy gets involved too... Have you and Simon been joining in, or just singing the song? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Nope, no idea what you're talking about!
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The glasses merit their own post. Especially when worn upside down. Tres chic!
Toggle Commented Nov 28, 2011 on Day 26 at Hey ho, hey ho, its off to China we go!
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Oh don't, I am so behind with my prep this year. Don't be surprised if your card is very late...
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Great photo! Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!
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Happy Birthday, Beaudacious Beau! Did you make that cake yourself, Deb?!!!!!!
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I was certain I posted a comment here earlier today - where did it go? Yet another IT mystery... Anyway - I'm loving this look on Posy, it's edgy and avant garde, and the embellishment of the spade makes an interesting comment on celebrity culture, I feel. You go, girl!
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Yep - he can do it ALL! Like the top says - he's a Hero! xxxxxx
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1,2,3 - that's how elementary it's gonna be... Gorgeous photo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Toggle Commented Nov 20, 2011 on 1-2-3 at Hey ho, hey ho, its off to China we go!
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Those pants were enormous! It's just as well they shrunk, or Simon would have had to wear them, so as not to waste your money! What is it with little boys and tiny tushies? My boy still has a weeny mini peach of a bum (he'll kill me for saying this!) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Toggle Commented Nov 20, 2011 on Knickers! at Hey ho, hey ho, its off to China we go!
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