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the holy Ghost entered me like a body my perfect size like me floating into you or you into me, which means Jesus, God is inside my electric body and I want to marry you paris. so, marry me and... Continue reading
Posted Nov 14, 2012 at Paris Hilton
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Nov 14, 2012
10-8-2011-bobby, hollie said, but she was only seen some of it, go back, he hollie said, red sweatshirt on, record, bob dont do, hollie said, showed, listen to w.a.s.p., its, blackie lawless, appearing, hollie showed, its septic tank, round head angel coming out, showing, its war, angel said, had two,... Continue reading
Posted Oct 8, 2011 at PastorRobert Hickman's blog
7-23-2011-i'm not bob going to let you live, so die fasting, saith the Lord, and Jesus wiped lips, hollie appeared, hollie said, did convey, bob your loosing weight hollie said, she walks, into, its, Christ temple, thinning bob, your fasting, saith God, it, he appeared, hollie said, bob, your going to the brink of death, hollie said, till, thats Jesus, hollie showed, he sat, she went from white robe to like dengy color, God looked cocky but knows hes ruining bob and bob cant take it, thats, said, its doreen and, hollie, she appeared, white robe, walks into, its Christ temple apostolic faith assemblies, church, but, thats, peoples christian church, showing, i'm the one, like, angel coming of, its building, hollie said, did convey, and, I stamp, hollie said, thats, light carriage changing colors, its black and red, its new world order, stagecoach, hollie said, with, its the pope and, its hu, hollie relaxes, thats, its two new world order kings, these will take peace off of the earth, hollie stamps, thats pope driving his black carriage, with, hu hintao on red side, lets rule the world, said, its, putin, hollie, showed, turn, but, bob didnt, you see hollie said, thats, three, showed, bob, has, candy, its out of, thats, hollie looking in dumpster taking out, bob yelled, Jesus, turn, showed, hollie, showed, go home, spruce up uh bit, she said, and did, hollie acts like, its the crow, man, with her two guns, thats him playing music, its hollie showed, theres hand agin, hollie looks out of dome, its part of his face but hand changes to, its hollie hand, looks, sad, he doesnt want it, hand said, big red nose, it, bozo the clown, both hollie showed, Jesus calls hand to interviewing table, walks over, hey hollie said, it has feet, bob that, freeforums ministryofdreams, angel comes out, dont remove showed hollie, just wait, she said, it, hollie said, its another said, they, chanted boo, she said, its him, many he hollies, their on uh hill, one blinks but smiling she hollie there, thats, i'm the, m.v. wilhelm gustloff ship, said, its, ship representative, hollie said, thats angel, its linked ministryofdreams, thats wilhelm gustloff ship being rocked by, its three, torpedoes, thats pope, in fire, drinking drink, I'm am, said, his caregiver, roundish head, but, hats went from pointy blue to pointy dark blue with stars, part of robe to, hollie showed, turn, burgundy hand, boon, thats what they said, hollie did say, many, its him, she said, pointed, but another, hollie comes out, wheres hollies hand, it appeared, but blue hollie said, it was dull blue, its like sky showed, hollie, but him, but her voice, she was, beside but same he hollie sticks head out, laughs, but hollie wonders, where did all these come from, God places, she hollie, then he hollie, then she hollie, but sucks thumb, and just pops head out, brown hair, and tells them, stick your head out, he hollie laughs, she hollie doesnt, sucking, thumb, hollie showed, its, new alice cooper record coming out, his picture on front, its big she said, thats, it hitting, hollie and, I stamp, she said, number one, but thats alice paying, its two million for, put it under hollie said, alice happy tho, hollie showed, eat, hollie showed, turn, showed, bobby eat something, bobby get names, hollie said, she looked at, its computer, she rearranged, its pages, stamps, hollie, face went blank and lighted hand points, hollie showed, turn, its like dark hollie, lighted, hand, hollie showed, its him, a she one said, wood burning stove, its stamps, hollie, at, new world order apostolic church, bob its free, he hollie said, it works, buy, their, hollie dreaded telling, about, one thousand dollars, you can make one he said, showed, not very good, he laughs, bob, said, this is hollie, go to wal-mart, lighted hand but dark, hollie, but thats like bear hollie, working its way out, but, looking stunned, hollie, him, a she hollie one said, but disappeared, another, comes out, he, showed, lay down, but clapped hands, got back up, but laid down again,
7-22-2011-man, hollie said, God said, put it under, she said, appeared, white robe on, God said, thats Jesus appearing, showed, bob, go to conference, its, at, thats, hollie walking in, the p.a.w. mother church, its, pentecostal assemblies of the world, hollie said, thats, Christ temple apostolic faith assemblies, and people's... Continue reading
Posted Jul 22, 2011 at PastorRobert Hickman's blog
greetings in Jesus name, the Holy Ghost came inside me like a body my perfect size TypePad Conversations » Answer this question! via Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 7-21-2011-c'mon, hollie, i show you record, she said, bobby hollie said God... Continue reading
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7-20-2011-hollie showed confusion, and I stamp, its typepad hollie showed, ministry of dreams, its white light angelface, but angel showed, with white hands, had hat on, like, its, leprechaun wears, God showed, bobby hollie said, help up her sign, its twitter, hollie said, appearing, went just almost white, hat on, its, green but turned redish color, i'm the twitter, angel showed, but face hard to see, its twitter ministryofdreams, hollie said, thats church turning into, its angel, but hollie looked confused, its like, other angels in this record, angel showed, i'm the, church, but face went, sorta, hollie said, blank, its new world order apostolic church but angel grunts, now i'm peoples christian church angel said, but, God spoke, angel shook, yes, its like round head, with hat on, its light, thats bob changing back to, its, new world order apostolic church, boon, maybe, boo, its them, hollie said, showed, lighted like hollie, both hands, out, lighted garments, bob you got pulled over but cop writes warning like angel cop, get windshield fixed, hollie, replaces herself, two hollies showed, turn, one indicated, but, indicated, like, its light flash, hollie said, but, another, showed, but hand not seen, then she appeared, confused, i'm the beast, said, it pope hollie said, stamps, pope rides, its black horse, hollie stamped again, and, face went like hammer, Gods hammer, round, but, just, like, different colors of golden light, hollie held up her sign, pope rode, its black horse, comes, halt in, russia, hollie screams, thats, pope with, its medvedev, signing, its uh deal, pope shakes yes but changed, this is warning, hollie said, its walter he said, he appeared, showed, white robe hollie, hes not humorous but like kyle flemming, she, and, God said, she, said, leaped jumpy hollie, dont go down there, your welcome, its lafave, hollie said, your, cousin, uncle, its she said, right uh vision, make it plain, tap danced many hollies, theres new world order kings, there, hollie comes out, the hollie that spoke, appeared, but went blue, its, uh silhouette, hollie said, thats her coming out of silhouette, but hollie points, face changed, look, hollie said, showed, its pope, another, hollie points, white finger, theres blue in picture, but only finger appeared, you dont want no more thats what you wanted, thats what you needed hollie, said, but another, hollie points, its, like, but face changed, hollie said, wiped lips, but hand not seen but, was, there, its, blue and happy he holllie smiles, then thats God telling, he wipes lips, but, hides, thats, hollie, in, uh world scene, said, hidden, hollie, him, its, she said, thats, hollie giving conference, you see, and, dressed well, church begins to fill, bobby, its, thats tx free, hollie wiped lips, showed, dont worry about it, your going into, its p.a.w., she, hollie said, but angel appeared like blue face, but changed into, its blue faced Jesus, like becoming happy, bobby thats the loot, hollie comes out, happy, showed, bobs hands and money starting to pack in, its uh wadd, she said, much money, hollie comes out, angel head appeared, its happy, hollie said, but theres like blue there, hollie wasnt, hollie showed, turn, showed, bob get mail, walked, with, white topless hat on, backwards, but, mouth disappeared, prophet love, hollie said, thats, many, its, him, she said, finally appeared but was already there, showed, lay down, but clapped golden hands, got back up, but, where was the rest of hollie, she, said, appeared, golden face, dark everything else but arms, but theres, like silver linining on, its jacket, she said, thats you bob well dressed hollie said, hollie showed, turn, then another, showed, turn again, thats, hollie, its driving tank, playing with but her face is golden, lets go to that church and go inside said, its, hollie, tap dancing, theres pope she said, holding hands, and its hu hintao tap dancing, you see these, two, hollie did convey, they will, want, to, rule the world, she said, hollie, its, clapping hands, she said, they were, golden, but she, went, like, dark hollie, but, there she was, showed, its man at church tomorrow, we'll take it he says, but lets use use attorney, he said, bobby, hollie said, sell, he will offer you, two million dollars, its terry sparks, will make there,
visions received 7-19-2011-look at that, wait, hollie said, showed, looked, concerned, but happy, Jesus appeared, rubbed chin, God thought, hey pointed, its another, hollie, she said, jumpy hollie said, golden face, its, typepad, hollie and God said, ministry of dreams, theres angel appearing, but its like, round, hollie said, face of light, its, showed, hollie, ministry of visions, dont take hollie said, thats typepad ministryofdreams angel showing, its mine, he said, ministries of dreams, hollie said, they belong to me, showed, its typepad, angel, hollie said, put it under, God said, hollie showed, cut it off, bob, your dying, hollie said, coming out, compassionate, like, thats, hollie holding up her sign, bob, she said, just put it in the ground, hollie said, they, will come, but in time, God and hollie said, put it under hollie said, and I stamp, thats, its beast pope arising, hollie rubbed chin, hey another, said, Gods hand, not hers, hollie laughs, , , ,
greetings in Jesus name, the Holy Ghost came inside me like a body my perfect size Continue reading
Posted Jul 19, 2011 at PastorRobert Hickman's blog
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Jul 19, 2011