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Perhaps these people are encouraged in their "magical thinking" by the (to me) imponderable past levels of support for the Bush Administration. What did the Bushies ever REALLY do to earn this unusually strong support? It always had a magical quality to it. Why descend into the real world at this late desperate date?
Re: The comment on the Espionage Act by defense lawyer Plato Cacheris: "stretching it to something the statute didn't intend." A delightful feature of the criminal conspiracy law is that it requires only (a) a plan by more than one to effect an illegal purpose and (b) a single criminal act in support of this plan by a single conspirator, with or without the knowledge or approval of the others. Even if a "naked" criminal prosecution for leaking classified material is not usually acceptable to a court, the crime is ideal for the "perfection" of a criminal conspiracy case, IMHO.
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