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When our youngest daughter left home, we got another dog, making 2. I can't imagine life without them! If they are your own, they quickly adapt to your routine, not the other way around. When my husband retires in a year or two, we are going to travel via RV, just so we can take the dogs with us. My dogs love to walk daily too and they've gotten me out and going on days when I'd rather skip it, but I think I'm healthier for it. Downsides of dogs and retirement is that they can get to be expensive, especially as they get older. You have to be prepared for that in your living expenses. I think it's wonderful that you provide a nice place for your friends to leave their dogs during vacation. We had a pet sitter sometimes before all the kids moved closer and that's fine but they do get lonely. is now following The Typepad Team
Aug 2, 2010