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Look at what's actually evolving in terms of what people *want* rather that what we *wish* they wanted. The Future Metaverse is really about having a completely self-sovereign account (identity, history, digital assets, etc.) that can be brought with you wherever you go. Not a bunch of Zuckerberg 3d avatars that hang out in virtual rooms together. Community and self-sovereign identity are the most valuable currencies of the new Metaverse. The network is more about loosely connected Discord servers, membership-gating NFTs and fashionable PFPs than anything Meta is imagining.
What's happened 1 month since launch?
The market is made up of all buyers and sellers. And in the end, the market decides what goods are worth. No central planning, no authorities making decisions, just the natural emergence of the value of things by a community of people. It's really that simple.
"(As I never tire of noting, more people use Linden Dollars in Second Life than use Bitcoin every day.)" That statement is absolutelly no longer true. You wrote that article back in March 2015. Since then, the number of BTC transactions per day has risen from 100k to 350k. And the value of 1 Bitcoin has risen from $235 to $39,000. In the past 24 hours, the volume of BTC transactions was worth 60 *billion* dollars. The world of crypto and BTC has changed a lot since 2015. For Reference, see and
Sounds like HFC is a classic "fiat-collateralized stablecoin" (a cryptocurrency with the primary goal of maintaining a stable exchange rate, backed by a fiat currency like USD). There are many other cryptocurrencies attempting to do this (like Tether). Fiat-collateralized coins like this really need regular audits to ensure transparency. Otherwise, the stablecoin owner could be running things as a fractional reserve, which is not. a. good. thing. Coming up with a stable cryptocurrency that really works a big race 2018-2019. Nobody in fintech is exactly sure what the best route is, so lots of folks are approaching the problem in diferent ways (good overview at My new gig is working exactly in this space, so I'm looking forward to seeing how HFC pans out in the future.
When I started working at LL back in 2005, my focus was on exploring how Second Life could be used for educational purposes and to help build that community. I thought it would be important to get some well-known universities involved and encourage them to buy private islands to experiment with, and since I was living in Boston I thought approaching different people at Harvard would be a good place to start. And that led to the Berkman Center at Harvard, and folks like Charlie Nesson, and now you know the rest of the story. :)
Strategy without tactics is the slowest path to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat. This is the latter.
Great observation, Hamlet. And hilarious video. Sandboxes in SL are an incredible collaborative space for art and expression. It's like a free bazaar for performance art. The combination of in-situ content creation tools and multiuser sandboxes is why SL took off in the first place, and why SL continues to have no peer in terms of being a creativity engine.
The "what percentage of Steam users have VR hardware?" stats on Steam are pretty telling, too.
I remember the ferry plan. I even saved the details ;) ----------------------------- (SL-14786) The Ship Option: Floating Office Space for Linden Lab FERRY BOAT OFFICE SPACE Vessel Type RO-RO passenger vehicle ferry, MV "Northern Princess" Date Built 1966 (Re-built in 1990) Builders Canadian Vickers Shipyards Ltd. Flag Canadian Classification Beureau Veritas 13/3 E+ Roll on Roll Off Passenger Ferry Coastal Waters Ice Class 1A Length Overall 68.6m (225') Length Between Perpendiculars 62.5m (205') Breadth Extreme 13.41m (46',2.5") Depth Moulded 4.95m (16'3") Frame Spacing 0.61m (2') Gross Tonnage 2558 Tonnes Service Speed 13 Knots Passenger Capactiy 300 Persons Vehicle Capacity 55 Car Units Draft 4m (13.2') LAST DRY DOCKING -- JANUARY 2000 MACHINERY Propulsion Machinery 1 Turbocharged diesel 9 cylinder British Polar MN19S developing 2475 BHP at 335 RPM turning a fixed pitch propellor Auxiliary Generators 2 x 125 KW generators driven by a D342 caterpillar 1 x 125 KW generator driven by a 3306 caterpillar (installed new in 1999) 1 x 125 KW emergency generator driven by a D342 caterpillar Bowthruster 1 Tunnel bowthruster driven Cummins KT 1150-H, 365HP (installed in 1984) Stern Thruster 1 Omnithruster capable of thrusting ahead, astern, and laterally (port and starboard) driven by a Cummins KTA 19M 450HP (installed 1989) ------------------------ VEHICLE DECK PARTICULARS Head Clearance High End Center - 15'1" Side - 14'8" Low End Throughout - 11'3" Length 200' [about 15000 sq ft] --------------------- PASSENGER DECK PARTICULARS Forward Lounge Seats -120 Mens and ladies washroom Wheelchair accessible washroom Chair lift installed in forward staircase After Lounge Seats - 86 Mens and Ladies washrooms Elevator - 627kg lift Midships Restaurant with seating for 29 persons [Aft office space, 2025 sq ft; mid office/dining space, 2700 sq ft; forward office space, 1800 sq ft = 6525 sq ft] ------------------------ TANK CAPACITIES Fuel Oil 61.5 Long tons Fresh Water 25 Long tons Water Ballast 221.62 Long tons Lube Oil 3.38 Long tons PRICE: now down to as low as $385,000 Dockage fees for long-term docking are negotiated on an individual basis; but the short-term rate would come out to $6843.75 per month. The Port of San Francisco fee sheet at would seem to indicate we could expect at least a 50% reduction in "rent" compared to short-term dockage, so say $3400 per month. "Pipe Line Charges" are $157.50 per month for each group of 3 pipes going aboard the vessel. Water, sewage, garbage, and electrical hook-up costs would probably be in line with regular "land" costs. Ship is located on the east coast of Canada. The "owners" web page is The best-deal broker is at NEW LOW PRICE! "Asking price was $2 million reduced to $850,000.......ALL OFFERS CONSIDERED Try offers @ $385,000 to test."
"given the minuscule PC VR market, the future of all three virtual worlds are now in the hazard." don't you the DANGER ZONE?
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Mar 14, 2014