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Isn't it funny how we can be so totally on-the-fence about an item and then - WHAM! some little detail like that tag can send us over the edge? It's kizmet! As for the size? One day my girlfriends and I were recalling "I used to wear size such and such", and my husband, 6' 2", 260 lbs., chimes in, "Yeah, and I used to wear a Onesie!" We all broke out laughing. Lastly, I would have loved to join your garden tour, but 99% of the yard around our house is in various stages of re-construction - aka: DIRT! So, instead, I did an impromptu Hutch Tour on my blog. Feel free to visit. ps. keep those baby pictures coming...they are adorable!
Aaaaah, homework! That stuff just drives me batty! Two down, a freshman to go. My three boys had the same attitude of - "we're in school 6-8 hours a day and then we get to come home and do more homework/bookwork." Fortunately, they are very creative, which I think makes them a more of a hand-full when it comes to academics. Unfortunately, creativity/arts/music/trades are the first things to go when the school budgets are cut. I'm positive, at least with mine, if their homework were to build & paint a treasure chest, design & build a go cart, or cook a meal (all age appropriate, of course) they'd use the math, reading, measuring skills they learned throughout the day and they wouldn't even realize it! How else do/did they ace welding, cooking, life skills/career classes and barely squeak by in the others??? Cole will certainly use all that creativity he shows for good! Trust me. He'll just drive you batty in the meantime - cause not all creative pegs fit in the academic hole!!!!
Good for you - on making such a choice to do your own thing! Lucky you - for having such a good support team to help with everything. Happy you - all the days ahead of you with this awesome adventure!!! Can't wait to stop in for a visit on our next trip to Tahoe AND Reno - my lil sis is moving there next month. Yay!
Ohhh, Van Halen.... Young love. It's such an interesting time of life figuring out the boundaries, working out the quirks, and having the time of your life - all at once! Cute photo! Ps. My first introduction to rock 'n roll. 6th grade. Little, portable, red cassette tape player. Second generation recording of Jamie's Crying from the radio to cassette. Way before cd's and mp3 downloads! At the risk of creating a riot, I went to a Van Halen/Van Haggar concert in early 2000's and David Lee Roth didn't do the band justice! Barely sounded like the same band. He was totally out of it! What a let down, but Sammy rocked it!
Ditto to it all!!! Cute! Funny! Out of the mouths of babes! Hidden treasures! Love it!
How do you find the time to read almost 900 comments???? I'm impressed!! Yesterday afternoon I stopped by and you had just over 500. Now this morning it's almost doubled!!! Wow! And double WOW!!!!! Tina