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Pat Keogh
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Research indicates that play has a biological place in the future of public health. Stuart brown play psychologist encourages us to engage with body object social and fantasy to transform play in the future. The trouble of attuning the hand to the brain and the frustration of the vice versa of the design problem, is for the designer to provide relevant solutions by re stimulating the childhood adolescent and mature emotional moments of happiness • The OBJECTIVE in any social experiment is to plant a seed, observe record and interrupt its growth in parallel experiments; patterns and neutering tools can then be designed and redeveloped, in the area of interest Fact: there are 900 million batteries used each year in the UK alone and many are in toys. Fact: Only 2% of batteries are currently recycled - the rest end up in landfill sites and are poisoning our planet! Fact: Kids love electronic toys! The problem: How do we give children what they desire but without poisoning our planet? One solution: -batteryless electronic toys! Here’s a Scoop! The face of the eco-tronic toy world is about to change forever! If we are willing to take a chance on the dice. Rob loved your articles and thanks to Richard for the blog
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Sep 27, 2011