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Beautiful, touching post, Christie. As usual, brought a tear to my eye. You all are making some very special memories.
What a difference a year makes. Glad things are going well for all of you. Still love reading your blog. You are missed!
Christie, of course, as always I loved all the pictures. But I especially love the one of Ross with James on his shoulders. So glad you all have been able to spend time w/ family. What a blessing. You've been on my mind....missing you.
The picture of the 4 kids.....Cameron's expression is hilarious!
Oh Christie, your posts do leave me quite teary-eyed! We wish Katie a very happy belated birthday. Jeremy turns 12 this Tues (21st). Can't believe they are 12! You have such beautiful kids. I was stunned by the pictures of Katie; how much she looks like her Momma these days! So pretty! Hope you all have a very merry Christmas.
You made me cry. You will be in my thoughts and prayers as you and your family face more traveling, transitions, and goodbyes.
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Katie, I loved reading your post about the market. I read somewhere that our sense of smell is very strong and is closely intertwined with our memory. Thanks for sharing about your experience.
Cameron, I enjoyed reading what you wrote about Singapore. I actually learned quite a bit from reading your recollection. Good for you riding the ferris wheel. I think I would've been sick. Whoa, that looks very high. Sophie, I enjoyed reading your recollection, too. You have a good memory for details. Thanks for sharing what you learned and what you did there. It is probably the only way I will ever "experience" that side of the world. I love the picture of you with your Mom and siblings. You look like you're having fun. Say "hi" to your Mom.
Ooo! That's a shame. And what a price tag for 1.4 seconds. I hope they'll give Ross some grace. What a bummer. Carl would go crazy. He just got a parking ticket in Oakland for parking 18" over the yellow line because the vehicle in front of him was over the line to start with. He definitely lost some sleep over it. Well, I guess if your kids can't eat blog for supper, mine can't eat comments for supper either. It's only 9:45 in the morning, but I better get my supper on to cook (soup). Have a great night (?)!
Toggle Commented Oct 5, 2010 on Caught Red-Handed at The Plunge Down Under
Christie, reading this brought tears to my eyes. I read between the lines here and see that you have done your part in trying to connect and be part of the community, homeschool and otherwise. Not only has God blessed you and had His hand on you and your family, He has also given you the eyes to see that He is working things out for your good.
Interesting story. Reminds me of some of the explorers looking for a northwest passage. Have you or your kids read the book, "Buried in Ice" about Sir John Fisher and his crew? Interesting, and rather creepy account. Again, I love the pictures. Everything looks so clean there.
Toggle Commented Sep 17, 2010 on Burke and Wills at The Plunge Down Under
Adorable. All of them! Happy birthday, James.
Toggle Commented Sep 13, 2010 on Someone Turns Four at The Plunge Down Under
My favorite picture is the 3rd to last. I can never help but comment on how beautiful your children are and how absolutely happy they always look. Katie looks so mature and positively grown up. Love the pics of all the animals, so kudos to the kids. Brianna will love the butterfly pictures. A few years ago we "raised" butterflies and she was so enthralled she took a zillion pictures and even some video. We still laugh about that! Will email you soon about the skates. It's been a hectic weekend. (Kaylee's birthday!)
Toggle Commented Sep 13, 2010 on Zoo Outing at The Plunge Down Under
What size does Sophie wear? And how hard would it be for me to send a package to you. We have a never worn pair that are girls size 1-4. They are adjustable and can fit anywhere from shoe size 1 to a 4 with no tools required to adjust. She can have them. Email me and let me know if you want them. If it's not too long to send the package and if she can wait til they get there.
Toggle Commented Sep 9, 2010 on Sausages on the Barbie at The Plunge Down Under
I am jealous of all the blooms in the garden. My flowers suffered terribly this summer w/ lack of water. I about gave up on them by mid-July. About Katie....cute! Brianna could certainly relate to the first-born thing.
I have always been fascinated by birds. My dad knew the names of all sorts of birds and would patiently identify them for me over and over until I learned them for myself. Now I have fun watching for birds w/ my kids. I can't get over the birds in your pictures. They almost don't look real, they are so colorful. What fun!
Awesome! If she is anything like Brianna with those great firstborn strengths, she will not only like it, but flourish there. So glad the Lord opened the door for you. Katie looks so grown up, and positively happy. What a great kid!
Toggle Commented Sep 4, 2010 on Off To School at The Plunge Down Under
Of all the pictures that you post Christie, my favorite ones are the ones of your children. Not only are they beautiful, but it is evident that they are secure and happy as well. Hope all is well with you guys.
Toggle Commented Aug 31, 2010 on Footy Match at The Plunge Down Under
I died laughing when you mentioned "The Look"! I do the same thing when planning outings w/ the kids, although they're pretty much used to my slap-dashery way of following my nose for directions. However, this drives Carl crazy. Note to self: plan better when spouse is accompanying. (p.s. bring map, too!) I will give Brianna that job!
Toggle Commented Aug 27, 2010 on Titanic Expedition at The Plunge Down Under
I love all the pictures, Christie. The wildlife, the food. It would be fun for me, trying out new foods. Unfortunately, most of my kids aren't so adventuresome in that area. Only Brianna. Sounds like you all are adjusting rather well. Miss seeing you.
Toggle Commented Aug 25, 2010 on A Trip to the Grocery Store at The Plunge Down Under
Oh yeah, forgot to tell ya, the kids did great w/ their summer reading at the library this summer. Brianna and Jeremy entered the teen reading contest. They both read at least 20 books this summer. Jeremy even won one of the grand prizes! Hooray! I have been doing better on my reading this summer, too. Actually read about 5 books, and I have about 5 more sitting on my nightstand in process. So many books, so little time!
Toggle Commented Aug 13, 2010 on We Love Our Library at The Plunge Down Under
This post inspired several good thoughts. Because of our close proximity to Perry Highway, we drive most everywhere. One good thing though, we can walk to the elementary school. Perhaps we will try walking there more often this year. Thanks for the idea. Also, I do love the pictures. I love seeing your kids happy faces. They are beautiful! Lastly, the ice cream looks divine. Especially "the Mint"! Enjoy your day!
Toggle Commented Aug 13, 2010 on We Love Our Library at The Plunge Down Under
Yum, the breakfast pictures are enticing. I love "yoghurt" w/ bananas & a bit of honey! One of my favorite treats. Also, I have been making more sausage & bacon for the kids at breakfast, I read somewhere that more fat in the diet in the morning is better for metabolizing food throughout the day and also helps to cut the carb cravings. Your kids are lucky that you are so adventurous a Mom! Can't wait to hear what other foods you discover.
Christie, you are truly missed. I am sure this will prove to be an unforgettable experience for all of you. I am enjoying reading your blog. BTW, your kids not only are so cute, but they all look so happy. Praying for you in this adjustment.
Christie, this is awesome. A great way to record this amazing journey on which you and your family are embarking. And a great way for others to keep up with what is going on w/ you. Keep up the great writing. We will miss you!