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Patricia Bower
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It's not simply "print layout" that you need. You also need to select the option to "show revisions in balloons." I can't imagine working any other way, or sending a tracked manuscript printout to an author any other way.
John, I added "almost" after considering that there have been a few occasions that I have not followed an author's instructions to "stet" because the author's original was factually incorrect, usually because the sentence construction was so convoluted that the author didn't realize he or she was completely contradicting an earlier statement that I knew to be true. Authors can sometimes make factual errors, and editors can sometimes catch them. It happens.
When you say that an author can "pick and choose what to accept," you don't mean that an author can revert back to capitalizing every Important Word or using commas for dramatic effect, right? (Yes, I've had an author tell me that was his "comma theory.") I will defer to an author on content changes almost every time, but I rarely concede on issues of grammar or style. I'm grateful that the workflow used by all of the presses I work with gives me the final decision, not the author.
I've gotten the "I could do something like that too" response lots of times, usually from people whose only "qualification" is that they like to read. When they ask for guidance on getting started and for a referral to a press (true story), I suddenly remember that I forgot to turn MY stove off.
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Nov 3, 2010