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Gosh reading these comments is really bringing it all back. Peanut and I had a rough time at 5 weeks... We sucked (ha!) at nursing for the first 8 weeks and my partner and I were basically estranged- except for the fact that we had a newborn in the house now. But It was the first of many times she taught me to give into the newborn phase. I fought it. Gosh did I fight it. Until my brain caught up to what was happening and I accepted that hunkering down for the 6-10pm cluster and then again for the 7-10am was the only way to go. The mornings mainly involved me dosing off into oxytocin bliss while she nursed away! I was still crying everyday, but I learned to have plenty of water, a snack, a book, a laptop and Buffy dvd's close enough to make it through the next 45 min feed. It got to the point that I became so used to the cluster-schedule, that when she started staying awake longer, I was the one who still wanted to snuggle in bed all morning! Fought that too, but came around much quicker! Good luck to the OP and to all the new momma's out there in the clusterfeeding vortex!
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Sep 9, 2010
Moxie! After your antibiotics, check out a health food store and get yourself some *probiotics*. I'm not talking yogurt, but an actual supplement. Strep sucks sucks SUCKS, and I'm sorry you got it. Take good care.
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Sep 9, 2010