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Several points: 1) The tech is in the car is already future proof. When the electricity becomes clean, the cars dont have to "change at all" they will simply consume the greener energy. This is called iterative change. Pulled from the software world. Big auto and other legacy domains are slowly seeing its benefits. But they are too monolithic and archaic to be able to react to this. Evolution will take care of this. 2) Solar prices are dropping all the time. Together w/ battery storage they are becoming a viable alternative to natural gas peaker and cc plants. With tech always improving in the future, things can become all solar + wind. Without going down this route, money will not be invested and we will never know. Good regulation should (like this one) should always push the world toward cleaner tech. There will always be naysayers (no world is flat....) 3) Customers do want EV cars. Big Auto falsely advertises or doesnt market EVs at all. Go to any big auto dealer and ask them to test drive an EV. Most likely they will tell you its not charged and not available for a test drive. Big auto if left alone will not lift a finger to move to a sustainable future. Its up to citizens who care to act on this.
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Oct 7, 2018