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Crêpes on Sundays
Interests: cooking up storms in the networked enterprise
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Does being the label representing Iconic American style stick today? Obviously not, if you're whole identity is based on that and you visibly ignore its meaning while logo designing. The disconnect is with identity, and not with customers.
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Even Prezi is cool as a breaker of barriers- thanks for sharing.
Just as you take care of the expansion and strengthening of your infrastructure, it seems that business models are even languages to be mastered in the Services Era, according to some. That really struck me, thought always business models as expressions of strategy.
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Well said - it's a good time to move on, and I agree from your definition that SCRM is not CRM. SCRM has already morphed some basic principles of CRM, but the paradigm shift has yet to happen. Just as Cloud computing was a paradigm shift from mainframe to client–server technologies, in this case, scrm send us the message that we may not have to wait for vendors, the enterprise or Gartner's Magic quadrant, to actually determine how we manage interactions to the customer's influence outside of traditional boundaries. MIB anyway?
Scott all this sounds familiar, innovation on the edges, but current dysfunctionality of advertising industry is temporal. At the end of the day for clients its about finding the comfort zone. As we have it right now there are no safe havens and the game is wide open but it won't be long until the safety net will be back again - along with its price tag. ¿Question for you is, why on earth to you want to keep working on the edges in the good name of advertising as an agency?