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It's easy to look back on digital photography as a disruptive technology now; I can still remember my digital camera in the mid to late 1990s that was maybe 640x480 pixels and looked terrible compared to film. At that time the convenience of digital photography didn't outweigh the fact that the photos were difficult to distribute to people and prints looked very jagged. Not to mention the fact that flash memory was not so cheap back then. I think it was only after the advent of megapixel cameras, cheap flash memory, AND the infrastructure for printing (including sites such as Shutterfly as well as lower cost color printers) that what seemed like a novelty became a real threat. The speed at which these changes happened finished off Polaroid and almost Kodak as well. Polaroid has come back though with the Pogo (; now the disrupted has become the disruptor. If they had come up with the Pogo in the 90's they would be in a much better position now. We'll see if this catches on.
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Jun 15, 2010