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Patrick Lucas
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Simply put, I think CNN got it right here. We will never know how many jobs were created\saved, as we have no base of reference. Either way we know that we had to take action, and we did. At the end of the day POTUS is a politician and chose to use the most beneficial figures. Even if we only saved or made 800k jobs we still created enough money movement to help countless other people.
The issue that comes up with online classes is a time-management problem. In a typical traditional college scenario the professors get their time from you through your attendance to the class, and from the assignments. Whereas the online classes do not have a "traditional" meeting time. While this is very good for individuals needing a check in the box or for people with a good knowledge of the subject matter, it is absolutely horrible for individuals trying to learn the subject matter. Since there is a disparity in time devoted to the class often online instructors create busy work to get their time out of you. Again this creates issues for the same group of individuals that I previously mentioned. Therein lies the issue with online schooling. I believe that the advisor suggested online classes due to the flexibility it offers a schedule. However in my personal opinion I would never suggest online education after experiencing both traditional and online education. Your mileage may vary though. In regards to the advisor ranking system, while a noble idea has absolutely no economic advantage to the institution. Truthfully the longer you remain at the institution, the longer they can collect money from you. The only balancing factor to this is that they want to keep their graduation percentage high in order to make the institution look stronger.
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Dec 6, 2009