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Patrick Mcdowell
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Thank you ,John, I see more clearly now. Best Regards, pat
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Your speaking my language, corn bread was my GrandMothers thing, along with soup, a nice lightly fried dandilion salad would goe well with this.
1 reply Rifqa bary is the now eighteen yearold whom was going to be taken back home to Pakistan? and murdered by her family, she fled to Fla, and was rescued after a long legal case for custody. Much more can be found at Pamela Gellers site .ATLAS SHRUGS
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They do not belong in the west, they are a barbaric form of evil with out the least bit of human heart. Wild beast act out of thier nature , these bastardized scum are just plain evil with stupid mixed in. The west will never submit .
Congratulations, you are an inspiration to so many, you shed light on so many topics , your cause for justice is a jewel, your courage is as King David , Bless you Pamela.
Demonic, sick , there is evil, and it comes in human form via NBC.
Well said , I was not aware of Glen holding this position, thank you for shedding lite on this issue.Mr. Wilders was in my scope awhile before Mr. beck ,and find him very brave a worthy of respect. I found it dissapointing while listening to mr. Beck's program , to learn he did not have an objection to the building of that mosque at that site, odd I thought . Perhaps thru the mercies of Christ ,Mr. Beck will have a change of heart. I will support Mr. Wilders , and the adorable , tirless for freedom , Ms. Geller. May I share a verse from Jeremiah Chapter 2, verse 9 thru 13, The day that sharia law is practiced in this country ,"Be appalled O heavens,at this. And shudder, be very desolate," declares the Lord.
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Thank You ,Pamela, your tireless devotion ,and strength are an inspiration to all.
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Dec 31, 2009