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Dublin, Ireland
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I'd like to see Starbucks make the brave move and display calorie information in stores on menus, alongside food and drink items. I should be able to see this information at point of sale to help me make an informed purchase. You might not want this information nor care about it but you can't object to Starbucks at least providing it? What's the harm being upfront about nutritional information? What's the different between Starbucks having to display pricing information and calorie information? Both have a cost, both are important (at least to me). I'm tracking their progress on this at
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Feb 26, 2011
Calories. Quick question, how has displaying calorie information in some states gone down with customers? Here in Ireland, we are trying to get Starbucks to roll it out across the counties 20 odd stores in Dublin only. I'm one of the biggest Starbucks customers/fan here and I've been debating this issue with the UK & Ireland Starbucks Managing Director. Whilst he likes the idea, he would never roll it out unless it's a level playing fields and a legal requirement for everyone to follow. Other national coffee companies, which are bigger than Starbucks are rolling it out. What has prompted this is our national broadcaster, RTE, has been running a campaign called Count Me In and on TV for the last 6 or so weeks has been focused on Starbucks, saying if you do it in parts of America, why can't you do it here. I've taken the issue to the Starbucks Facebook page and found my comments were initially removed! This has kicked me into a full out boycott of the company I love as they appeared to censor me. I started my campaign to show Starbucks people want this information. I'll stop when they consider or trial displaying calorie information in Ireland. Thoughts? Am I mad to be taking on Starbucks like this? It's all about choice and knowing what you are drinking/eating. I welcome calorie information and loved seeing it in New York since it was introduced. If you would like to follow my campaign, I can do with all the support, like my facebook page (I have a launch video on there), follow my twitter account @CountMeInSBUX or follow the hashtag #CountMeInStarbucks. Thanks in advance, Patrick
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Feb 26, 2011