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Evangelical, big government, militaristic and pro-Zionist Catholic........the oxyMORONic candidate...........
There was a photo of President Obama on the Drudge Report this week showing him leaving for his vacation carrying a pair of basketball shoes as he boarded the flight. I don't know what message he was trying to convey but I believe it emblematic of a famous phrase of the 19th century writer and diplomat, Josephe de Maistre, " Every country has the government it deserves."
It has been 30 years since Americans were offered a real choice in a presidential election. The monopolistic two party system has corrupted the intent of the Founders and we are offered establishment candidates every four years, promising 'change' but delivering at best the status quo and at worst schemes like No Child Left Behind, Obamacare and foreign wars that only benefit the military industrial complex. The two parties have managed to campaign on issues such as abortion on the right and abortion on the left to galvanize sectors of the electorate at the extremes and then whomever gets elected always governs against the interests of the citizenry. Unfortunately, with buffoons like Gingrich, Romney or Palin for the GOP and the weak socialist and anti-Christian Obama being offered as candidates, more and more thinking Americans are not wasting their time voting. Jefferson's observations about frequent revolution were never so applicable as it is today. Unfortunately, most Americans identify Jefferson with a sport star or Archie Bunker's neighbor.
Toggle Commented Dec 21, 2011 on Newt's Last Hurrah at Mail Online - Thomas Fleming
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Dec 20, 2011