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Max Penny
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Well, time for a little outrage, isn't it? I think John McCain should be facing a flood of populist anger right now, demanding among other things that he "reject and repudiate" his campaign manager. Or maybe he just needs to be tarred more severely with the same brush. I'd like to see more videos like this one that's been popping up on different sites... This is how you make clear that millionaire John McCain just does not live in the same world the rest of us do. That's the kind of anger I'm looking for. (Funny too...)
Toggle Commented Sep 24, 2008 on Square In The Middle Of It at Obsidian Wings
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New anti-McCain spot out on Youtube in both a "white collar version" and a "blue collar version." Is this kind of attack going to gain any traction? Will economic meltdown bring attention back to McCain's 7 houses or has that moment passed? Videos at and
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