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Patrina Stripped Bare
Me Being Me, Lumps and All!
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Now THAT is a voice! YUM
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I am 16 months post-op from RNY bariatric surgery, and down 250lbs from my highest weight. I feel awesome, I walk with my head up and shoulders back, I catch guys checking me out, and women smile at me and carry on conversations easily. A big change from 2 years ago. I think I look PDG actually, even though I am still 20 lbs away from goal. Well, let me rephrase, I think I look PDG DRESSED! Naked, is a whole other story. I am 45 years old and have spent at least 22 of them at least morbidly obese, then moving into the super obese category. I really don't think there is any way that my poor skin can bounce back after being stretched to capacity for so long. Up until about 30 lbs ago, the skin wasn't too bad, but since then, things have just gone to hell in a handbasket, made of my excess skin. On a forum I frequent,, the ladies were talking about breasts and how much they change. The WLS veterans on there said the boobs were the last to go. Some change at first, but then watch out! And let me tell you, they weren't wrong! The general consensus is that for every 100lbs you lose, you have between 10-12 lbs of excess skin accumulate, once you are "of a certain age". My nurse practitioner told me that she estimates about 30 lbs of excess skin on me now. So, technically, that would put me well nder goal. So, I called a plastic surgeon. I mean there is NO WAY I am going through all of this and feeling worse about my appearance than before. And I do; feel worse about my appearance than before. How twisted is THAT! Seriously! At 441... Continue reading
Posted Aug 13, 2011 at Patrina Stripped Bare's blog
Thank you Vikki, you made my day! Continue reading
Posted Jul 29, 2011 at Patrina Stripped Bare's blog
I AM awesome! Put that in your pipe and smoke it world! Continue reading
Posted Jul 19, 2011 at Patrina Stripped Bare's blog
I don't really care HOW you get healthy. Surgery isn't for everyone. But check out how this beauty queen did it! Continue reading
Posted Jul 14, 2011 at Patrina Stripped Bare's blog
Even though the article is deliberately vague, I think the message bears hearing. I bever would have believed it pre-surgery! Continue reading
Posted Jul 12, 2011 at Patrina Stripped Bare's blog
As I was scrolling around youtube I came across a new peep prepping for WLS. He posted about two women who work at his local coffee shop being outright rude to him, and how he was hurt by them, and tired of feeling invisible. I replied to him and told him about my experiences and told him about the similar blog I wrote a few weeks back, but it got me to thinking too. After years and years of being dissed, ignored and looked right through by the "normal" public, do people who have had the surgery feel resentment when they start getting SEEN? Especially if you are single, and those you have shown interest in when you were large were hurtful back toward you? I can really see how after you have lost the weight and those of the opposite gender start smiling and flirting, how maybe that could get right under your craw. But I will tell you what I told him..."I am not a super religious person, but Jesus said, "Forgive them Father for they know not what they do." I truly believe that most people don't realize that they are looking right through you, or that they may have been rude. I think that society today has no idea how to act appropriately to the obese. Maybe they are embarassed for us, maybe we make them damned uncomfortable, so rather then confront, they just ignore. We don't even show up on their radar at the end of the day, so why would we let it eat at us and make us bitter. They go to sleep at night and wake rested, but we toss and turn ans stew and spit at how we were treated. It is entirely unproductive and destructive. My advice is to keep... Continue reading
Posted Jul 9, 2011 at Patrina Stripped Bare's blog
I got on the scales yesterday and it's beautiful voice rang out to me...two...hundred...and five pounds! Six measly pounds til I hit that magical zone we WLSers call ONEDERLAND! Holy Makeral! Still a long way from goal, but I haven't been under 200 in 20+ years! Whoop Whoop for me! I feel great, and look PDG!(Pretty Damn Good...LOL) I mean, I have huge issues with skin, but in my clothes (and out of them if you ask my other half) I am looking kinda hot if I do say so myself. Statistics say that for every 100 lbs you loose, you have between 10-12 lbs of excess "skin weight". So, that means I have 20+ lbs of yuck happening. I made the mistake of telling this to my Mother(God Bless Her) and she immediately looked worried and said, maybe you should think of stopping now, you don't want to get "too thin"! TOO THIN! I swaer to you, never in my life have those words been uttered in reference to me! Within the span of a few days, 4 other people said it to me. It's like they had a conference call! What in the world is my response to that? I mean, I think I am looking good, but I am still in a size 18 pants and a womans large top. In what world would that make me too thin? A size 18 is NOT a small woman? My goal weight is 170, so another 35lbs to go. Tehn, will I be "Too thin"? To tell you the truth I ahve no reference for size anymore, since sizing has changed so much since I was this small. What size clothing will I be in at that weight? Will I still have curves? WHAT if I am too... Continue reading
Posted Jun 29, 2011 at Patrina Stripped Bare's blog
My latest upload to go old Youtube! Continue reading
Posted Jun 22, 2011 at Patrina Stripped Bare's blog
Beth, I agree, this is such fun! I think if we, as women were more comfortable with their girlie parts, we would be less afraid, and more in control.
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As a precurser: 18 months ago I saw an article in this newspaper about the new Bariatric Clinic opening in Guelph, and that was what got a fire lit under my ass to change my life. So when Audrey, the chief nurse at the clinic asked me to take part in a followup article, I jumped at the chance to give a little back! GuelphMercury - Bariatric surgery offers new lease on life for some.... Continue reading
Posted Jun 21, 2011 at Patrina Stripped Bare's blog
Whoa! It's been almost a month since I wrote in! Sorry folks! Life intervenes! Anyway, I wanted to talk about a few things. I was on Diva Taunia's radio show last night as a caller in, responding to one of her guests. This guy, TIm Carde , a photographer, had seen the new billboards showing the availablity of WLS, just like any other advertisement for say, the new Toyota, or when Snooki was going to appear in the next Jersey Shore episode, but MAN, did he ever get his feathers ruffled about it! He was all high and mighty, what's the world coming to that you ADVERTISE WLS now? Well! My WORD! Oh, but he wasn't that pleasant about it, he was downright rude and a bully, shouting down Taunia, who was trying very hard to be a good host, and trouncing poor Beth Lipton, who called in ahead of me. His gist was, the WORLD doesn't need more weight loss surgery, people just need more self control. WELL, pardon my DUH!!!! In a perfect world he is RIGHT, but this isn't anywhere close to a perfect world. I was so glad when Taunia took my call, so I could be loud right over him! I told him my story, he was quiet, and I wondered why...he said he couldn't hear me. Funny, everyone else did. Perhaps he had no rebuttal for me, although he did tell me if I had eaten spinach my super obesity never would have happened. Good advice I am sure, but what should he eat to overcome his "confrontational" issues. Perhaps some humble pie, or maybe get his ears cleaned out and a few eyedrops so he coupld open his eyes better? I mean really, who did he think he was talking to? Does he... Continue reading
Posted Jun 21, 2011 at Patrina Stripped Bare's blog
Sometimes it pays to have a lazy day. It gives one a chance to ruminate a while...chew on things that have been sticking in your melon for a while. Today was one of those days. I realize that I am a blessed woman in so many ways, but one of the things I am most blessed with is friends. So many I don't think I could count them all. And these friends have helped me immeasurably over the years in almost every aspect of my life. I have bloodhound friends, who took this neophyte under their wings, showed ,me the right way to do things, and what needed to be done. Held my hand when things went bad, cheered enthusiastically when things went well, and put up with me in my invalid body trying to get by in a very mobile-driven "hobby" for lack of a better word. And when they found out about the drastic changes I was about to take on in my life and body, they were so supportive! Many people don't understand why we "do dogs", especially since it can be costly, but people need to realize that the dogs are Dave and my break from the stresses of everyday life. We go to shows as a couple, not Mom and Dad, we act like grown ups, we talk about things other than the struggles we have in a family with special needs kids, and we unwind, if only for a day or two. I think it's what keeps us sane sometimes. Our friends in this part of our world help us do that, and for that I am indebted to them. I have "bariatric friends", all over North America. I turned to them in the beginning when I was exploring options and didn't know if... Continue reading
Posted May 28, 2011 at Patrina Stripped Bare's blog
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Apr 21, 2011
As usual, it was other people who pointed me in the right direction. I was looking for a place to blog my thoughts, experiences, and interests; and to follow others here that I have so much respect for! My life may not be very interesting, but at least I have it back now, and I intend to take full advantage of it! I cannot promise to always be positive, I can be very opinionated, but I DO always try to see any situation from the other persons perspective. Sometimes I will just be plain bitchy, and other times just goofy! I am going to just roll with it and see what happens. Send some good vibes my way will ya? Continue reading
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