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Quilt Designer and Host of the only all Quilting Radio show, Fabric designer, teacher, author and obessed with quilting.. you too?
Interests: Quilting!
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Guests Donna Desoto, Mary Abreu, and Roseann Kermes join Pat for a chat! CLICK THE PLAYER & Listen to Show 400 -- LISTEN to my show then answer the question at the end to enter my giveaway! LISTEN to THIS show right at the player above. ITUNES subscription available - Subscribe HERE GET the APP to listen on your Android Prior Shows can be Listened to at MY Podcast Guest List page! It's time for a celebration! Listen to my interview with Astronaut Karen Nyberg For my 400th show I want to celebrate doing new things. My friend and author... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at Pat Sloan's Blog
I love the grey Shirley, so it's staying. The email you left for this comment has never signed up so I just added it.
Jackie the people are leaving 'ring' comments about what is in my VIDEO.. not the sew alongs. Did you watch my video yet?
Thank you for the sweet not June! I'm so happy you enjoy my fireside chats! Try doing the binding by machine, it should be much easier. I have a tutorial at
It will be back in Nancy, that first group sold like lightening! thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!
sounds like an awesome plan Rebecca! i love kits in the mail, they are the best!
Happy Thanksgiving Linda!
thanks, it's great to hear from you Tamara!
that might be fun Sandy!
I do not live in FL, I live in Virginia next to the and I have a deep love of the space shuttle as you'll find out on this sew along!
The weekly is very easy to keep up Denise, we'll have fun!
Sarah I am excited you'll sew along!
What an experience you had Rosanne, I can't wait to hear your stories!
Article continues below these Amazon Goodies This post is FULL of things! My 2019 Mystery Block of the Month theme & Fabric, because that is fun to do too! My First Weekly Mystery for 2019 Theme & Fabric My TWO NEW Sew Alongs for 2019!! First my Video! First up... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at Pat Sloan's I Love To Make Quilts
Shirley i can't tell you for sure. For many things it will work
I do not have that yet Penny, I am looking for it to be a larger wallhanging size or small lap size.
Article continues below these Amazon Goodies This post is FULL of things! My 2019 Mystery BOM theme & Fabric My First Weekly Mystery for 2019 Theme & Fabric Let's Go Camping Quilt Show! Enter your quilt at the end to be in the running for a prize! I actually have the quilt quilted, but no binding on it yet. I will get that done in December and take photos! At the end, share your quilt (tops are ok!) so you are entered into my giveaway DOWNLOAD my Patterns at Free Quilt Patterns website CLICK HERE if you Missed the setting... Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at Pat Sloan's Blog
you are so welcome Jan! The small quilts are stuck up with pins!