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A big thank you to Michael Campana for including the UN video on this great informative website. We are all connected, and we have to work together to solve this massive issue of water. It's time to get serious about having fun ways to teach people...Let's Do It!
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Meetings meetings and more meetings. Who needs them! Some are a waste of time and energy and but others aren't-- like the International Water Forum held at the UN in September, it was great. A wonderful group of people gathered to come up with ways to raise awareness and educate the general public about the water crisis. It was hard for me to sit still and not jump up when I heard every single speaker mention "public awareness". That's a huge problem! How can Joe and Jane Public stop wasting water when they don't know there's a problem? The people at all water "meetings" and I mean every single one of them on the planet already know...that's why they're there! We need to reach OUTSIDE of these meetings and programs and touch people in their lives in ways that are innovative and fun! Like Michael Campana said, "I'd like to see video games!" He's right, and by the way, "Games for Change" is coming up with new social games tied to charities. So my idea is right up that alley--go to a movie, raise awareness and funds. People pay attention to Hollywood whether they want to or not. So please visit: for more information. (And thank you to Micheal for this great site!)
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Jan 31, 2012