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when I went back on FV, I noticed all my money was back so I repurchased my puppy and several things occured that didn't the first time... once I got my pup, I fed it and clicked the stay button... now she's safe in the pen I built for her... I left and came back and she's still there ... note that if you pen your pup then click the follow option, he/ she will not be in that pen when you return... I learned that the hard way... hope this helps others
Toggle Commented Apr 8, 2010 on Puppies! at FarmVille
from FV:We are aware of the following problems in FarmVille: * (NEW) MISSING PUPPIES: We are receiving reports that puppies are missing from Farms. It's OK, they aren't gone - they may simply be hiding! Please read this tip: Your new puppy is supposed to follow you around on your farm. If your avatar is blocked in or obstructed in any way, and if you leave your farm or refresh and come back, your puppy may get stuck or be unable to return to your avatar. If your avatar seems blocked in, for example, is surrounded by haybales so it cannot move, unblock it. Check the edges of your farm, along fencing that you have put up, and areas that a densely populated with decorations and crops. If you still can't see your puppy, rest assured that when the puppy goes hungry and the pop-up for puppy kibble appears, you should be able to see where the puppy is hiding.
Toggle Commented Apr 8, 2010 on Puppies! at FarmVille
So how do you get nails without having to spend those precious FV dollars? I don't see them in the gifts section.
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Feb 3, 2010