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I agree that double (or God forbid, triple) clicking leads to a really awful user experience. For non-power users, it can be incredibly hard to do (especially triple clicking), and can be difficult and/or slow even for power users. Rather than adding even more buttons to the mouse, why not use a keyboard modifier? We already use Ctrl to select multiple non-contiguous items at once, and Shift to select multiple contiguous items at once. We could either use Ctrl or Alt to mean "select", with left-click meaning "open". I just configured Nautilus to use single-click open, and the above suggestion works just fine. You left click to open an item, and Ctrl+click to select 1 or more items. You can also right click on an item to select it (and bring up the menu at the same time), then dismiss the menu. One might argue that this is bad for interfaces that don't have a keyboard (PDAs, iPhone, etc.) but the same is true for adding more buttons to the mouse. In addition, we can't really add more buttons because we have to assume the user is using a 2-button mouse; but we can safely assume the user is using a keyboard. In the cases where the interface doesn't have a keyboard (iPhone, etc.) they already use custom methods for select/open/menu (using two-fingers rather than one, swiping your finger in a particular direction, etc.) so we don't need to worry so much about them.
Toggle Commented Jun 4, 2010 on Double-Click Must Die at Coding Horror
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Jun 4, 2010