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Wow, my head is spinning from the Now and Then line! Can you rename it "Right" Now and Then....and get it in stores today! This line has too many items that are spot on to list - it is so me!!
So much good stuff! Love the Pretty Things line - every bit and piece of it! Love all the dots, the wood veneers, and the camera washi is awesome! Love the chalkboard stars washi too!
Congratulations on a beautiful, cozy, well-named line! I have really enjoyed every stop on the blog hop Ms Amy! I love how the side banners on one of your projects and how you used the wonderful papers!
I spent time on each blog on the hop pretty much ooh'ing and aahhing my heart out! Congratulations on an extraordinary collection that is sure to be a sell out! I loved your 1st collection too! Love the doilies, love the resin buttons, love the gold accents, love the pretty papers and tags...and most of all, love love love the bows!!
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It is so amazing how sometimes online we unintentionally find a post that speaks to our hearts like your post just spoke to mine. Your story and your journey is unique and yet in so many ways so parallell to so many others. On the tumor side, my brother in law had an acoustic neuroma removed about 5 years ago. He did lose hearing in that ear and he did actually go into some type of depression - in his case, he left his wife, my wonderful sister-in-law who loves him dearly, and it was almost 2 years of absolute hell as he was out of control with his actions. Both suffered. Meanwhile, back at the ranch (aka my own house) my mom, who has lived with us 22 years, is enduring her 4th cancer in 6 years - sarcoma - and has had surgery to remove a knee tumor, 2 lung tumors, a spinal tumor, and currently a spot on both lungs. I also have a 15 year old daughter recently diagnosed with Aspergers - her anxiety, panic attacks and desire to be social but inability to make it happen breaks my heart every day. We try so many things but so far it's been one step forward/one step back. Just this morning we went out riding around together and she was crying, not knowing what to do, feeling bored but not feeling able to reach out. As you described that awkward feeling of being different, she feels that way too, and most of the time others do not reach out to her to include her. Part III - I am the "weight gainer" and it sounds like I'm in competition with you to see who will gain the most - the stresses really do make eating sound like the best immediate answer too often to me as well. that said, none of us are alone. Sharing our hardships is as important as sharing our joys. Taking it one day at a time and reminding ourselves we are worthy helps too. I have "known" your name since seeing your layouts in Creating Keepsakes many years ago. You have brought me alot of happiness over the years as I've enjoyed your creations. To be very honest, sometimes I have also felt jealous as I sometimes do whenever I visit scrapbookers blogs and see their families traveling and the kids partaking in extracurricular activities - because I long for my own child to be able to do these things too. Your post reminded me today that I shouldn't be looking for happiness through comparison. We are all doing what we can. I am sorry to ramble. I really want you to know that what you feel is shared in thousands of homes, and that opening up to me really did help. In some small way I hope my post was not just a ramble but a comfort to you too.
Toggle Commented Jul 20, 2013 on Real Life Ain't Always Pretty at Living My Dream
I would be thrilled to win this line! You trully have succeeded in creating a pretty, timeless and ageless collection that I would love to scrapbook with! Can't wait to see all of your new products!
Toggle Commented Jan 13, 2012 on CHA DEBUT- "SPRING FLING" at TERESA COLLINS
This beautiful line definitely speaks to my heart! Can't wait to see more! I am lucky, my LSS carries lots of your wonderful creations!
The beautiful wings are my favorite - wow, this is a huge giveaway, I'd be happy to win just 1 of these products! Hope you are having a good trip back home ;)
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Jul 13, 2010