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No, no, I don't think you were necessarily doing anything wrong. We've always taken the position that anyone who found the Treehouse interesting would have to already be into the stuff we were writing about. I suppose we're glad if what we wrote could help in some way. But we wouldn't have wanted anyone as young as you were to contact us, put it that way.
Um, your age is on your blog, so I take this number away from that number and... Oh. Eeek.
Focusing on the clothing is really important here. Although what we did reinforced not just that what I wear is hugely important to me bottoming, but that the whole process is based on the physical contact. The stiff collar around my neck, the starchy shirt, the short pants and (hence) bare legs, knee socks, unusual-for-me school shoes. But also the feeling of resting my not-inconsiderable weight when OTK. That was the biggest surprise in what we did: that without a huge amount of preparation of furniture and other logistics, I felt properly over your lap, and able to relax. Even to lift my feet and hands and not need to awkwardly hold position myself. That physical sensation of being smaller and being held is actually a lot more important to me than how hard the smacking is. It's the ritual, rather than the pain. The headspace thing is still quite an issue for me - I'm planning to write a bit about that soon - but maybe the answer isn't to expect too much there. If I'm being my usual self, putting all the same filters between what I feel and what I let the world see, and I'm still having a good time, that ought to be enough. It's worth mentioning maybe that I love putting this out for the chance of subverting not just a preconception of who I am and what I like (and who you are and what you like), but the whole idea of tops doing this and bottoms doing that - especially when they're men. If this widens anyone's idea of me/us, that'll make me very happy.
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Jan 19, 2011