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Paul Aubin
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Thanks for the post. I have witnessed this before myself. I was reading hoping you would reveal why this occurs. IS this a limitation of Shared Families? Is it limited to certain categories? Do you know "why" this limitation exists and if it is on the radar for a fix someday? Thanks.
Paul Aubin added a favorite at The Revit Clinic
Dec 15, 2010
Not really what you are asking, but I would like to have control over what is drawn in Coarse, Medium and Fine for System Families like railings and stairs and even walls. This would allow the possibility to do some of these fine details as simply 2D symbolic lines shown only in fine for example...
Toggle Commented Apr 4, 2010 on Name that (railing) object at Inside the Factory
What happens if you check this box on more than one reference plane?
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Jan 29, 2010