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This is the type of stupidity you would expect from illiterate inbred muslim monkey vermin.
If I am nothing more than a greasy islamaphobe, then the idiot writing the poem is nothing more than an inbred piece of worthless monkey vermin, may pigs be upon him and his child molesting pedophile of a prophet.
What is it going to take for the new sharia compliant Islamic State of Britain to return to its former self? The British Parliment ought to be ashed of itself!
When are we going to get rid of the Muslim traitor in the White House? That traitor-in-chief's sole purpose is to force his totalitarian will on the American people at the expense of destroying this country. Both the President and The Republican Leader have stated that they do not care about the people or the damage they are causing. Their sole purpose is to have their at any and all costs. They have much as said so. All they are doing is committing political suicide, but they do not care about that either. Spoilt brats squabbling over who gets their way. And we, the American public, must suffer for it. What errant stupidity, and ignorance.
Reciting muslim payer over the "Pledge of Allegiance" is inforgivable. Stealth Jihad and Creeping Sharia is definitely alive in America. And it begins and must end with the Muslim Traitor in the White House.
Only Satanic vermin would behead children. Therefore, the Taliban muslim monkeys are nothing more than worthless murdering lowlife Satanic vermin, that deserves nothing less than total, complete extermination.
Once again we see Satan's minions, these murdering muslim monkey's doing Satan's bidding, because they are too illiterately inbred and disease-minded to know how to do anything else, but rape and murder, which is a satanic deed taught to them by their Satanic god Allah, which, by the way, is Chaldean Hebrew for Satan. And no one dare insult me by saying that these diseased murdering vermin worship the same God we do. That would br blasphemy.
Satan's minions were definitely working over time that day. These slimy illiterate inbred monkeys are the lowest form of life on the earth, and definitely need to be exterminated and irradicated like the cancerous blight they are.
Os course our Sharia compliant FBI will not spy on Muslim terrorists within our borders. The muslim on the White House has put his Muslim Brotherhood Brothers in key positions throughout the FBI to make sure muslim radicals are protected by the American government in concordance with the Muslim in the Oval Office.
Muslim traitor, Obama, is only defending and protecting is fellow Muslim brothers! This traitor has already classified all returning military vets, as "low-level terrorists." And deny them their right to keep their personal weapons, so his hit squad can harass and dispose of these American heroes at his pleasure. What a disgrace for the "Traitor-in-Chief."
Again, as you can see, murdering Muslim trash needs no valid reason to murder non muslims. There Babylonian pagan moon god, Allah, which is Chaldean Hebrew for Satan, himself, through his false prophet, Muhammad, says rape and murder is sanctioned by this satanic deity.
And that makes, his hiness, Heusein Obama, the muslim-traitor-in-charge and his defense department worthless traitors.
Welcome to the new Islamic Republic of Brtain(istan).
The Muslim traitor in the White House (Oval Office) goes and plays golf while his muslim brothers destroy Egypt. How long are going to idly sit by while this traitor undermines the U.S., the constitution, and continue to lie to the U.S. and the world?
Muslims have won by forcing companies in America to bend to their will. A group of Muslims don't like others are doing, file lawsuit, threaten jihad, and America bends to their will. What a yellow-bellied spineless America we have become. They have already won in America, and we are to stupid to realize it. Put a Muslim in the White House, and this is the result. A spineless America bowing to a foreign enemy. "Stealth Jihad" 1, America 0.
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Aug 18, 2013
We see this violence in Egypt of Muslims against copts (christians), yet we dare call islam a religion of peace. What idiotic morons, or down right stupid liars. Muslim's sole purpose in life is dominate the world, make Islam the only religion, and destroy or kill any one that disagrees with them or refuses to convert to Islam at the edge of the sword. Islam is the religion of HATE and DESTRUCTION, and ALLAH is there Satanic God they bow down to five times a day. Egypt, Syria, and Iraq are living proof that Islam does not and will not coincide with other cultures. "Sleeping America" needs to wake up and "smell the coffee" or it will only be a matter of time before the violence by muslims in Europe {France) and Middle East, will be here on our soil, as we continue to allows these animals inside our country, and receive special protection from the Muslim Brotherhood President in the Oval Office and his fellow brothers he has established throughout our government. Of course,Obama says "respect it".
Unfortunately, I believe Marilyn is right. No one has the balls to stand up to these Muslims and do what is right.
It is time to start exterminating these muslim vermin,and for France to reclaim its sovereignty from these animals.
You people who are against Pamala Gellers' ads who call her ads "racists: are idiots! First, Jihad is not a race. What an imbecilic attitude. The words "Muslim" and Islam" are no where mentioned in the ads. So to say it is hate speech against Muslims or Islam is another lie. The only ones who would call the ads "racists" or "hate-speech" are detractors of Jihad themselves.
Toggle Commented Oct 7, 2012 on In Defense of the Indefensible at Atlas Shrugs
These muslim immigrants come to our country, defy our customs, antagonize and assault our citizens, force their sharia laws down our throats, while our own law-enforcement officers look the other way, but yet threaten to arrest our own citizens if we stand up and try to defend ourselves against these Muslim dogs. Their Koran teaches Jew and Christian or non-muslim hatred. Yet these muslims come into the countries of their enemy, form their own communities, own little societies, ignore and violate our laws and customs, knowing the our own government will do nothing, then try to force us to honor and accept their way of life, while ignoring ours. This is silent jihad from within, and our government allows it. It is time to get some leadership with some backbone and round up these infiltrators and send them back where they came from before it is to late.
Anyone who declares Pamala Geller's ads as hate speech is either, 1) ignorant, or 2)must support jihad, the murder of innocent people. As far as offending any one, all I have to say "If the shoe fits, wear it!" As Bush 2 once said, "Either you are for us or are against us. And if you are not standing with us then you are standing against us." As far as claiming to being hate speech against Muslims. Nowhere in the ad is the word Isalm or Muslim mentioned. To say that it is implied, is that of misinterpretation. It does not matter if you are muslim or not. Any one who engages in Jihad IS a Murdering savage, and needs to be stopped.
How long are we going to allow the Muslim stooge in the White House and his cronies continue the Isalamization of America. WE need to wake up an smell the roses you true blood Americans.
If individuals, businesses, political organizations, and governments are afraid of printing or posting facts or truth about Jihadists and other Radical Muslims for fear of retaliation by violence or uprisings, then we have allowed the radical islamists to win, because we have kowtowed to to the threat of terroristic retaliation. By their actions or reactions they prove who they are without us saying verbally what they do.
These so-called "honor killings" is nothing more than outright murder, which is another sign of muslim "savagery".