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Paul Burich
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Nice apologia, troll. Unfortunately, as with so many liberal morons, your "facts" are bullsh*t and your interpretations are spin, not truth. It is pointless to refute you, point by point, so I won't waste my time. Just know that your horsesh*t doesn't convince or fool anybody but fools...and all of them are already going to vote for your president anyway.
Toggle Commented Sep 15, 2012 on And Now The Other Shoe Drops..... at BlackFive
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You know, I like Hugh Hewitt generally, but he is one of the WORST ever at picking winners in sports and politics. I get his argument, but this year is about the American people propelling a primal vomit at the politics of same-old-same-old. This kind of reaction might even result in the loss of a seat or two, but the message to incumbents is going to be clear: Don't F*CK with the American people! We've had just about enough of the BS from both sides of the aisle. Read it and weep, GOP milquetoasts.
Toggle Commented Sep 15, 2010 on Christine O'Donnell for the win! at sisu
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Sep 14, 2010