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Lance - your service is NOT typical insight. A couple years ago, I found Micheal on facebook. I sent him a message about how I loved insights service and was so happy we didn't have to deal with the same crap that comcast and time warner users dealt with (and others). I mentioned in my message how I wasn't happy about a call I got from support about leaving VNC open on my internet connection open for work purpose and for the next two weeks I got a phone call from insight support almost daily on my home's voicemail trying to help me out. Do you think these huge conglomerates would do that? not a damn chance. RIP insight. Wish I could have worked for such a great company and I hope wherever Michael goes, they prosper well.
let's hope it stays that way once insight is absorbed but some other crappy company.
While I don't have a comment on this article, I was curious about your "insight" on If Insight were to use or offer Tivo, I know three households withing 100 yards of my house that would jump on it. Insights DVR is nice...but doesn't compare to Tivo.
I personally love bragging about my cable company when talking to friends on Time Warner, Comcast, etc - well for the internet connection at least. I work for a local dot-com and pay attention to the changes in local ISPs and Insight just amazes me with their speed, customer support, etc. I sent Michael a message on facebook about something I wasn't happy with and got voicemails for a week (sorry, don't take non-work calls during work hours)from tech support trying to resolve it. Insight is the perfect example of the big-small company. In regards to caps - I do like how insight handles over-usage by individuals. It should never be an automated thing. Personal customer support contacting an individual is what keeps this company great. You want to keep the customer knowing they are a customer and not some ip address on a network. One problem with people see about cable and dsl is their ability to "monopolize" a city. Yes, your options may be limited in an area, but there is so much the company has to invest in infrastructure just to get a customer a network connection. My only complaint? Tivo rocks the DVR world. Insights DVR is very lacking. Very.
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May 9, 2011