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I think Charlie Sheen is winning, but I don't necessarily see other media outlets losing. All media, including online, is built to get views. Networks, blogs, even Charlie Sheen, do what they do to get people to watch. And all outlets will seek an angle that will differentiate themselves from others. So if a network laments his behavior, it's not because they believe what they are saying, it's because they believe that's what their viewers want. I think the reason Sheen is winning in this sense is because no one can keep up with him. However, I also believe that the next scandal, or world issue, or celebrity screw-up will put Sheen on the back burner. Remember Ted Williams? The Homeless Golden Voice? Where is he now? No one cares, because Sheen is the train-wreck du jour. Tomorrow it will be someone else, and every media outlet will try an angle to separate themselves from the rest.
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Hi Gerd, Great little post. One thing that struck me was that Bernstein is able to do this because of the sweat equity he built before this moment. How many thousands of hours did he pour into this moment? How many 1:1 discussions with the musicians? How many rehearsals? All of this also shows that his team knows him better than anyone else. They are in sync with the music.
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Tony. Great thought. Sadly, the biggest roadblock is time. It's easy to talk about it, but the process (and politics that jump on board) are staggering. When I worked in corporate, I was surprised there wasn't a committee designed to investigate the ramifications of coffee-making. Easier said than done, unfortunately.
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Dec 16, 2010