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Psalm 1 is both a challenge and a blessing. It blesses because it promises stability and fruitfulness in our lives. Psalm 1 also challenges me personally because often I want to be recognized or sit in the seat of the scoffers among us rather than find satisfaction in God's Word. This is quite a challenge for a young lawyer like me who can often delight more in what he knows about the law rather than just delighting the the law of the Lord. Although most Christians I know are perhaps too dismissive about our legal system, I try to see it as a profession within which I can serve God. Keeping my priorities straight is the problem.
Toggle Commented Jul 3, 2006 on July 3rd readings at One Year Bible Blog
The readings in Kings really get to me. It is difficult to get the "big picture" of this book. I remember studying Kings and Chronicles in a great Bible study a few years ago. What sticks out to me is God's righteous judgment, power, and mercy toward those who believe in him. I also believe we are called to be "idol smashers" of sorts in today's world; however, how we go about doing this is the real difficulty because of appearing too self-righteous. I look forward to gettting involved in the readings for the second half. God Bless
Toggle Commented Jul 2, 2006 on June 30th readings at One Year Bible Blog