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Paul Hagood
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1. A New Yorker might think, hmm...there's no such thing as bad publicity. I'll auction prints of ALL of them as Artist's Proofs, then talk to the media brazenly about the rights of the artist to both protect his or her own net worth while preserving the value of the current owner's prints. 2. In the ensuing furor and publicity bonanza, I'd introduce another limited edition of similar images from the same sets of negatives, in varying sizes and runs of 500, establish a ladder of increasing prices as the stock of each run of 500 comes closer to the end, and announce that my estate would keep Artist's proofs for future sale. 3. The current owners of the expensive prints will be very happy because my new notoriety and print sets will jack up the worth of their rare prints even more. 4. If I faced legal action, I'll find a famous, headline-grabbing NY lawyer to defend me, and pay him/her with an Artist's Proof from the first, very expensive set. More PR, more sales, more lasting "fame," and still more sales. 5. In terms of integrity, I would acknowledge some degree of guilt, but also acknowledge that the art world secretly loves scandals that draw attention to the artist and art world - they love the drama and attention, and all the fuss would likely generate more sales and higher prices.
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May 22, 2011