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I think that the experiments are intriguing. According to the studies women are not being given a fair chance to hold high management positions because they not judged unsuitable. Men on the other hand appear to levitate upwards to upper management positions. It would be interesting to know how these women leaders are seen after they have managed the crisis and the company has returned to…profitability? Are they replaced by a male once the crisis is over?
Prof Koh is correct that the governmental attorney faces a dilemma between representing his administration’s position and following his conscious. This observation is not ground breaking. Let’s remember that an attorney is obligated to zealously represent his client; it is the attorney’s ethical obligation. At the higher levels of governmental legal representation most attorneys are political appointments or are hired as a result of political patronage; to a certain degree politics are an inherent part of the legal representation. The nominations of Liu and Johnsen should have been fully considered because both candidates are qualified for their respective positions. Their nominations as well as all others are considered in a political forum. Politics are at the heart of the nomination process. One person might believe that the Republican’s roadblock to the Liu and Johnsen nomination represented a failure of the system. This conclusion is not supported by well settled American political theory. The rejection of these appointments was the results of the checks and balances inherent in the nomination approval process. Democracy if it is to be effective and fair must be administered from all political spectrums.
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Jun 17, 2011