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Birds of the same feather flock together. Biya has changed the constitution of the country to permit himrig another term in office. Fru ndi has changed the constitution of the SDF to permit him reign all powerful and for life. Biya is justified to continue his malpractices. Is the SDF party, the once viable and looked-up to alternative justified to do the same things the CPDM is doing? Can anybody win Fru Ndi or his candidates in any election in the SDF today?
Toggle Commented Feb 23, 2009 on Fru Ndi Told To Resign at Up Station Mountain Club
It is said that to go to equity one must go with clean hands. Fru Ndi cannot cheat his way through all recent elections in the SDF for himself and his surrogates and at the same time turn and criticize Biya. By the Yoyo constitution Fru Ndi became the head of the investiture committee of the SDF and the head of the NEC. The SDF lost to the CPDM in the last general elections in the North West because the designation of its candidates was not straight. Fru Ndi has lost his battle to oust the democratically elected mayors of Nkambe, Ndu, Babessi and Njinikom. Fundong has now joined the list where the new mayor elected in the bye elections following the death of Sobo was not his candidate but the people’s choice. Councilors vote in senatorial elections. Out of 34 councils in the NW, CPDM has 18 and even some of the rest are shared between the SDF and the CPDM. With the estranging of these other councils cited above can the SDF win in any free, fair and transparent indirect vote in the NW? This is the real reason why Fru Ndi is opting out of ELECAM run elections rather than the CPDMness of the outfit. Fru Ndi campaigned against the present Provincial chair in Nso but the will of the people prevailed. Fru Ndi planned the vote against Polinus Jua for the latter to come out without even one vote from his native Kom. Fru Ndi likes to say that for as long as the people place their confidence in him he will lead them but it should be said that for as long as the people do not know Fru Ndi he will remain the live chairman of the SDF. However the NW has now begun to see like the rest of the country. The person who refuses to see still continues to live in the past tense (stolen victory). Must he lead us down the abyss? Did the SDF make him or did he make the SDF? Did Cameroonians join the SDF because of the hope it carried or because of little then known Fru Ndi ? The SDF remains the no. 1 but for it to change Biya and his ways, Fru Ndi and his ways must first go.
Mr Fru Ndi should practice what he preaches. Why does he seek to influence the election of sdf mps, mayors and party bosses and feel that Biya should be different? Can Fru ndi's sdf win any election today by indirect universal suffrage even the NW province. In any such election the cpdm will carryt he day for they have the majority of ouncillors in the NW. Furthermore Fru Ndi might have lost more voters in any senatorial or regional election again by his recent failed attempt to impose a mayor in Fundong during the by elections of yesterday to replace the late one who died under suspicious circumstances. is the sdf last position on elecam well motivated even though genuine? the leadership crisis that some former top sdf officials have cried over is gradually surfacing well for the limitations of Fr ndi are beginning to show and he has lost the NW clean and clear. Is Cameroon cursed? the party in power, no good. the whole opposition no better, no hope. truly we need a revolution but who will spearhead it? the answer is clear. none of the present leaders.
all are equal before the law. undoubtedly the figthing in yde that led to Diboule's death involved two factions. who ordered the disruption of the Muna meeting? was it the administration or the fru ndi faction? if it is true that chi ngafor said that he was cating on orders from hierachy then fru ndi is justified to appear in court. the blood of these interns is squarely on the hands of those responsible for the fighting. who do we want as leaders tomorrow? justice shpould take its course.
Our soldiers and policemen have to be caserned in barracks as in the days of good old west cameroon. if such were the case a swift and useful counter attack could have been carried out to contain the raiders. unfortunately most of our armed forces live in the quartiers where they buzz and get drunk and develop pot bellies.
Fru Ndi should not play the anglophone card. In a purely anglophone setting can Fru Ndi be our leader? What are his credentials other than courage?
Let justice take its course. None is above the law. Let us stop trying to politicize a common law offence. That is the Cameroon we need for ourselves and our children.
Would Fru Ndi be our leader in a Southern Cameroon state?
Truly the kind of pole on which these irresponsible guys hung the flag is indicative of the mismanagement in Cameroon. It is a shame and those responsible should be disciplined.
What is patriotism if anything more than love of country? Why do francophones cameroonians (east cameroonians) often think that anglophones(west cameroonians)do not love their country well enough? Can love for one's country come by decree or is it a matter of choice? Do anglophones (West Cameroonians) have a right to self determination? In a typical anglophone set-up would the likes of NJFN have had a place to play in its politics? Is it not the fact that francophones look up to the anglophone for change that they all rallied behind the SDF? Did the country rally behind the SDF or NJFN or are the two inseparable? Is it not as a result of the mismanagement of the SDF leadership under NJFN that the gains of the party in the early 1990s are gradually being swept away from under its feet? Is it more as a result of distrust in the SDF or electoral fraud that the party is losing ground or is it not losing ground? Can this leadership not see that it has failed anglophones and francophones who have lost hope in it and resign? If Cameroon is truly a state of law where the rule of law applies then NJFN should be given a free and fare trial on the Diboule case. NJFN should go defend the case against him in court and not in rally grounds. Neither he nor government should seek to influence the judiciary who should use the law and their consience to mete out justice. ALL ARE EQUAL BEFORE THE LAW.
Is all we need in a leader guts? Opposition leaders are shadow heads of state/government in the corridors of power.They are managers of their parties with alternative policies for the state. If they manage their parties poorly and churn out bad policies then they are not presidential material. Who do we really want to be our next president? Do we want someone who can address the anglophone problem squarely or someone who dodges away from it because of francophone support in his party? Do not forget that the francophone looked at the anglophone with hope but the anglophone admired only the GUTS in Fru Ndi
He who goes to equity must go with clean hands. So goes the equitable maxim. Which of our opposition leaders is different from Paul Biya? Are they not all sitting tight to power since 1990? Why do militants have to go and form parties if they disagree with the way their darling party which they ALL, ALL, ALL contributed so much to is being mismanaged? Are they not all using electoral fraud within their parties to eternalize their stay in power and position their studges withn their parties and in public office? Are they not all now interested only in money and are milking their public representatives in the councils and parliament for their personal gains since the ordinary militants have become tired hopeless and frustrated and no longer contribute generously? Can the present leadership in the oppositon truly bring change to this country? In a purely anglophone set-up what role would a man like Fru Ndi play? Cameroon is a state of law and all are equal before the law whether you are Fru Ndi, Kodock etc. We need change we can believe in and nothing short of that.